Alex, Norman and Stanley beat the weather to win the Sweeps

Norman Robb won the Sunday Sweep.
Norman Robb won the Sunday Sweep.

After the recent deluges of rain, golf at Banbridge GC remains scarce.

There have been some hardy souls out on the course though, and some good scores too.



Alex Clarke won the first Sunday Sweep of the year with an excellent score.

He played the nine holes in one under par gross and that gave him a winning score of nett 28.5.

As the year progresses, that score will probably be bettered but it will take a good golfer to do it.

1st- Alex Clarke (13) Nett 28.5.

2nd- Kenny Jones (19) Nett 31.5.

3rd- Eugene Weir (5) nett 33.5.


The course was closed for most of the week due to the torrential rain.

It recovered sufficiently on Sunday to allow the golf fanatics to play nine holes.

Norman Robb was the best of the lot with his nett 32.

But the man with the biggest smile on his face was Kenny Stevenson.

He hit a little beauty of a wedge shot at the short 12th hole (his seventh). The ball came to rest only two feet from the hole.

Kenny rolled in the putt for the only two of the day and he was richly rewarded.

1st- Norman Robb (20) Nett 32.

2nd- Alan Dale (12) Nett 32.

3rd- John Gallagher (10) Nett 33.


A full game of golf (18 holes) takes an inordinate amount of time.

Some administrators of the game are proposing that more competitions should be played over nine holes. If they want some opinions, they should ask the members of Banbridge Golf Club.

That is all they have been playing for several weeks.

It was a photo finish in the nine holes sweep last Saturday with four players finishing with 25 points.

Stanley Dickson, playing off 19, dropped only three shots in his round and his strong finish secured first place.

1st- Stanley Dickson (19) 25 points.

2nd- Kenny Arlow (13) 25 points.

3rd- Vaughan Lamont (13) 25 points.

4th- Dennis Watt (17) 25 points.

5th- Norman Robb (20) 24 points.