A round-up of all the news from Dromore Bowling Club

IN the first round of the NIBA Senior Cup Dromore seniors put up a good fight against First Division opponents Divis and at the end went down by seven shots.

Rink 1: G Dawson, Andrew Johnston, R Greer, Alan Johnston.

Rink 2: W Paylor, H Hylands, F Cranny, D Shanks.

Rink 3: A Matthews, T Wilson, W Clinghan, SG Malcomson.

Rink 4: R Bolton, R Malcomson, K Aiken, J McKenny.

In a keenly fought first quarter the visitors were a single to the good with McKenny the only rink up by a single, Johnston was two down with SG and McKenny all square

The home team took a three shot lead by end 10 with two rinks ahead - McKenny by three, SG by five, Johnston was five down while Shanks was involved in a tense game at all square

In the next five ends the visitors put the squeeze on and had built up an 11 shot advantage with SG the only Dromore rink ahead by seven. McKenny was three down, Johnston was in the red by eight with Shanks having a lean time being seven down.

In the final six ends the visitors were not going to slip up and recorded a seven shot victory. SG had the best result, being eight up, McKenny was four up, Johnston was eight down and Shanks was defeated by 11.

- In a league game away to Newtownabbey the seniors put in a good evening’s work, recording a 23 shot victory and six points

Rink 1: W Paylor, H Hylands, D Shanks, Alan Johnston.

Rink 2: G Dawson, Andrew Johnston, D McCandless, F Cranney.

Rink 3: A Matthews, J Elliott, D Burns, SG Malcomson.

Rink 4: R Bolton, R Malcomson, K Aiken, J McKenny.

This has not a good hunting ground for the seniors in recent years so this game started of a bit unsteady finding themselves in arrears of six at the five end mark. Johnston was a single ahead, SG was four to the good, Cranney was four down and McKenny had a slow start to be down by seven.

The news was better at 10 ends - the seniors had got ahead by nine. Johnston had got his troops into the lead by 10, SG was also moving along nicely at seven ahead, Cranney was five down while McKenny was improving and was just trailing by three.

At three quarter stage the game was evenly balanced with the seniors six ahead. Johnston was 11 ahead, SG was seven in the black, Cranney was close at one down while McKenny had lost ground to be down by 11.

In the final six ends the seniors put the game to bed to record a good victory. Johnston had a good run in to win by 17, Cranney had a win of three, SG was pulled back to a four shot victory and McKenny came back strongly to be defeated by a single.

- The Dromore senior team collected another five points in their home game against Carrick on Saturday last to keep themselves amongst the leaders in Division Two.

Rink 1: G Dawson, Andrew Johnston, R Greer, G Clinghan.

Rink 2: R Bolton, R Malcomson, K Aiken, J McKenny.

Rink 3: W Paylor, W Clinghan, F Cranney, D Shanks.

Rink 4: A Matthews, T Wilson, D Burns, SG Malcomson.

After a very close five ends the seniors were a single to the good with Clinghan up by two, SG seven ahead, McKenny five down and Shanks down by three.

An improvement in the next quarter saw the seniors ahead by six - Clinghan was still two ahead, SG was eight up, McKenny was now a single down and Shanks was still three in arrears.

The next quarter was also close with the seniors at seven ahead. Clinghan was four up, SG was nine up, McKenny was three up with Shanks trailing by nine.

The seniors held on to finish at 10 ahead. Clinghan and SG were both ten up, McKenny suffered a three shot defeat, Shanks was seven in the red at the end.

This week the juniors will be at home in NIBA Cup to Donaghadee on Wednesday evening at 6.30pm. Next Saturday will see a double header at Holm Park when the Juniors will play CYM Dublin at 12pm and at 3.30pm the Seniors will get a crack at Portrush in the Senior Irish Cup.

- Dromore Junior bowlers put on a below par performance against Newry in a league game on Tuesday evening.

Rink 1: J Black, WJ Morgan, J Topping, S Malcomson.

Rink 2: E Walker, S Dugan, H Maxwell, T Sudlow.

Rink 3: J McCullough, G McDowell, T Gribben, A Sudlow.

Rink 4: S Harrison, C Davis, R Elliott, I Houston.

Again the home team could not make home advantage count when the score board showed it was all square at five ends. T Sudlow was three ahead, A Sudlow was at four, Malcomson was down by four while Houston was three in the red.

At the halfway stage the visitors were three ahead. T Sudlow had a lead of eight, A Sudlow was now three ahead while Malcomson was down by eight and Houston was six behind.

The score at three quarter stage was not good for the home team when the score board read a lead of 20 for the visitors. T Sudlow had a bad five ends and only showed a single to the good, A Sudlow was a single in the red, Malcomson was still eight down and Houston was 12 behind.

In the last six ends the home team improved a bit but still shots adrift and at the end taking two points.

T Sudlow was four up, A Sudlow was eight up, Malcomson came back to four down and Houston had a defeat of 14.

- In their away game against Antrim Dromore Juniors team did very well to gain a nine shot victory and six points.

Rink 1: S Harrison, C Davis, R Elliott, I Houston.

Rink 2: J Topping, A Clinghan, J Elliott, S Malcomson.

Rink 3: E Walker, S Dugan, H Maxwell, T Sudlow.

Rink 4: J McCullough, G McDowell, T Gribben, A Sudlow.

On a surface that most of the juniors had not played on they found themselves down by 11 at the five end mark with no rinks up. Houston was at three, Malcomson at two, T Sudlow was a single down with A Sudlow down by five.

At the halfway stage the juniors had cut the deficit down to two. Houston and A Sudlow were both down by two while Malcomson and T Sudlow were both ahead by a single.

At three quarter stage the juniors had now got the pace of the green and were in front by nine. Houston, with R Elliott showing up well at third, was a single in front; Malcomson had a big quarter to lead by eight, T Sudlow was up three with A Sudlow down three.

In the final six ends the juniors held on to their nine shot advantage. Houston finished three ahead, Malcomson was six to the good, T Sudlow’s advantage was seven while A Sudlow finished down by seven.