A look back at exciting league campaign

THE Presentation Dinner for the Pro Shop Winter League was a very enjoyable occasion.

Appreciation was expressed to the sponsor, the club professional, Jason Greenaway.

Jason has worked very hard in recent years to raise the profile of the Winter League and he seems to be succeeding.

The final list of prizewinners was as follows:

The Champions were team 3, captained by Dougie Stevenson. They are listed in rank order, according to points scored over the seven rounds:

Michael Allison 208, Trevor Mulholland 189, Dougie Stevenson (captain) 189,

P.J. Johnson 188, Malcolm Hanna 183, Norman Doak 182, Cameron Morton 179, Paul Magennis 169, John McDowell 163, Sean Quinn 152, Victor McNeill 150, Christopher Quinn 135, Declan Barry 132, Ian Magowan 122, Patsy McCourt 107, Noel McSherry 103, Dominic McCarthy 76, Dominic Quinn 73 and Ciaran Davis 58.

Every player on team 3 played their part in what was a tremendous victory. No less than seven players never missed a round and another four only missed once. Than standard of participation is the key to success.

The runners-up were team 2, led by Damian Weir. They too are listed in rank order according to how many points each individual scored.

Gareth McGregor 195, Jim Cochrane 194, Damian Weir 179, Robert Clydesdale 173, Alex Clarke 172, Merton McDowell 165, Robert Patterson 164, Ivan Rushe 151, Ian Young 144, Gary McCartney 144, Robert Canning 141, Dermot Dawson 135, Aidan Doran 125, Mark McCoy 119, Hugo Downey 112, Neville Reid 90, Damian Dunne 67, Scott Nelson 61 and Stephan Greenberg 41.

Team 2 had an excellent turnout each week of the winter league. Six of their players had a 100% record whilst another five had only one no return. That was pretty good, considering the inclement weather during the competition.

The good scores each round were rewarded.

The individual winners over the duration of the Winter League were as follows:

Low Section (0-9): Connor Mulholland, Kieran Magennis, Damian Weir, Seamus Rooney, Philip Mallon, Michael Allison and Keith Steenson.

Middle Section (10-17): First Place: Jm Minnis, Cathal O’Neill, Shane McCrory, Colin McDonald, Malcolm Hanna, Jim Cochrane and Laurence Bramall

Second Place: John Crothers, Brendan Meade, Alan Caughey, Jim Matthews, Jim Cochrane, Sydney Pepper and David Cherry.

Third Place: Cathal McNiff, John Crothers, Jim Matthews, Alex Clarke, Ian Magowan, Alan Dale and Joe O’Neill.

High Section (18 +): First Place: John G. Lennon, Ciaran Davis, John Hanna, John Fitzpatrick, Jack Bickerstaff, Bertie Shaw and Stanley Dickson.

Second Place: Gerry Blevins (twice), Frank Mooney, Neville Reid (twice), Morris Phillips and Dominic Quinn.

The top individual players, based on the five best cards returned over the seven rounds were as follows:

The overall winner: Connor Mulholland.

The low section: winner: Michael Allison; runner-up: Philip Mallon.

The middle section: winner: Jim Cochrane; runner-up: Alex Clarke.

The high section: winner: Gerry Blevins; runner-up: Norman Doak.

So that’s it for the Winter League of 2010-11. Despite the horrible weather, it was good fun. Those who took part seemed to enjoy it. The competitions committee will look at ways of improving the format for next winter. We want more members to participate but things are progressing in the right direction.

Thanks again to Jason Greenaway, the sponsor of the Winter League.

Now, let’s look forward to the summer season.