Mixed weekend for Dromore Juniors who beat Lurgan but lose at the sea

It has been a mixed week for Dromore Juniors.

On Wednesday evening they were at Lurgan in a league fixture and came home with six points in a six shot victory.

Rink 1 N. Shaw J. Dickson S. Harrison S. Malcomson

Rink 2 K Poots G Gilliland T Wilson A Sudlow

Rink 3 T Ogle D Brown D Graham C Lindsay

Rink 4 J Black R Bolton H Maxwell T Sudlow

In the first half of the game, Dromore had a slight lead of four shots with only one rink ahead. T Sudlow was seven up, A Sudlow all square, S Malcomson down two with C Lindsay a single in arrears.

After the 15th end, the home team had changed things around to lead by eight. T Sudlow’s lead was now four, A Sudlow was four down, S Malcomson five down and C Lindsay in a dour struggle was down by three.

In the final six ends, Dromore again put on a good scoring run and out-scored Lurgan by two to one to record a victory.

S Malcomson outsmarted S Neill to win by two, C Lindsay had the final say to win by two, T Sudlow scored on the final rive ends to record a victory of thirteen while A Sudlow failed to score in the final ends going down by eleven.

On Saturday, the Juniors were away to Bets Bangor and returned home with one point, beaten by 34 shots.

Rink 1 K Poots WJ Morgan G Gilliland A Sudlow

Rink 2 T Ogle C Davis C Lindsay R Malcomson

Rink 3 M McDowell J Dickson S Harrison S Malcomson

Rink 4 J Black J Brown H Maxwell A Sudlow

At the halfway stage, the Juniors were 14 in arrears with only one rink up by 12. T Sudlow and A Sudlow were both down six, R Malcomson down nine and S Malcomson trailing by eleven. The score at 15 ends was showing that the Juniors were still in with a chance 11 shots down. T Sudlow as still going well ahead by 15 and S Malcomson had held his own at 11 down with R Malcomson eight in the red.

In the last six ends, the home team scored 39 shots against the Juniors’ 16.

T Sudlow won by nine, A Sudlow down 11, R Malcomson down 12 and S Malcomson lost by 20.

The Juniors’ next game will be on Saturday 19 July.