Mervyn gets 2011 off to a winning start

Mervyn gets 2011 off to a winning start

THURSDAY JANUARY 6 - Even if he does nothing else all year, Mervyn Waddell can always say that he won the first Thursday Sweep in 2011.

The golfer with the biggest smile on this particular Thursday was Shane Crossan. Not only did Shane win the prize for second place, but he also scooped the entire twos pot. Nice work, Shane!

1st, Mervyn Waddell (16) 34 points; 2nd, Shane Crossan (20) 33; 3rd, Brian Mulholland (11) 33.

THURSDAY JANUARY 13 - This sweep was a Philip Mallon benefit. The talented nine handicapper won the top prize with a superb 34 points. And his card contained no less that three 2's. So he split the twos pot three ways - with himself!

1st, Philip Mallon (9) 34; 2nd, Derek Hynds (17) 34; 3rd, Paul Mc Donald (15) 34.

SATURDAY JANUARY 15 - The snow and frost went away for a while, only to be replaced by the rain. Playing conditions were far from easy so it's full marks to Paul McAreavey, Malcolm Hanna and John Poots who won their respective sections.

SECTION 0-9: 1ST, Paul McAleavey (4) 30. SECTION 10-17: 1st, Malcolm Hanna (13) 32; 2nd, Jim Cochrane (12) 31. SECTION 18+: 1st, John Poots (18) 32; 2nd, Gerry Blevins (19) 28.

SUNDAY JANUARY 16 - Alex Clarke is a big supporter of the various sweeps and we can expect to see his name in the lists of prizewinners this year. He's up and running with victory in the Sunday's nine holer.

1st, Alex Clarke (12) Nett 33; 2nd, John Crothers (12) Nett 33; 3rd, Cathal O'Neill (13) Nett 33.5.

MONDAY JANUARY 17 - Joe Glass is another player who always features prominently in the weekly sweeps. This win is likely to be the first of many this season.

It was a good day for Michael Allison. He finished in second place and he split the 2's pot with Philip Mallon.

1st, Joe Glass (14) 34 points; 2nd, Michael Allison (9) 34; 3rd, Conor Mulholland (9) 34.

THURSDAY JANUARY 20 - Sam Wilkinson defied the frosty conditions to shoot a winning score. It takes a good man to beat Gerry Blevins and Sam did just that.

1st, Sam Wilkinson (23) 31; 2nd, Gerry Blevins (19) 29.