Mark and Alex win weekend Sweeps

The weather on this Saturday was far from pleasant for the keen Banbridge golfers who went out onto the course regardless.

It was cold and the showers from midday onwards were severe. Several players saw sense and walked in and others didn’t even start their rounds, deciding there day would be better spent indoors.

The inclement conditions didn’t phase the brave Mark Watt though. He had a superb round. He played the 14 hole course in only four over par gross. For a 15 handicapper, this is surely close to brilliant. Eight under his handicap, his round was well worthy of claiming the Saturday Sweep victory.

He edged out Runner-up Dougie Stevenson. The 17 handicapper came in just a point behind on 35.

The three sections winners all pushed the overall victors close, all three coming in with 34 points for the 14 holes.

Jim Cochrane, playing off 12, lifted the 0-12 prize. 14 handicapper Joe Class lifted the Mid-Section prize and Kieran McGreevey, who just qualifies for the 18+ section playing off 18, claimed that prize.

The following day, Alex Clarke came in victorious with a net score of 29.5 in the Sunday Sweep.

It’s amazing how many different players win the Sunday Sweep in the course of a year. There were 37 different winners in 2012 and, so far this year, wthere have been 30 different winners. Alex is number 30 thanks to his superb score. The 13 handicapper beat runner-up Paul Doherty by just half a shot.

There were no Twos in this Sunday Sweep so another jackpot is building up for the next competition.