Ladies play rearranged fixture

BANBRIDGE Ladies travelled to Carrickfergus on Thursday July 19 to play a match which had been postponed from earlier in the season.

Monday, 23rd July 2012, 5:37 pm

Just before the match began it was beginning to look as if there might be another postponement when there was a very heavy and prolonged shower of rain.

However, once a few ends had been played the rain finally stopped and the rest of the afternoon was dry.

It was a closely fought match, but Banbridge finally won by 77 shots to 61, and secured six League points.

Rink results were as follows:

Rink 1: A. Donald, L. Byrne, E. Whyte, H. Steenson - 23–9

Rink 2: H. Shepherd, R. McGivern , C. McDermott, M. Campbell - 17–13

Rink 3: H. Beresford, M. Ewart, V. Newell, R. McAdam - 22–10

Rink 4: I. Hozack, J. Nesbitt, H. Wilkinson, M. Adams - 15–29

On Thursday, July 26 Ward Park will travel to Banbridge for the next League match.