Kevin’s marathon effort in New York

NEW York marathon runner Kevin Surgenor was left “cobbling along” after he inexplicably hurt his knee during the run of his life earlier this month.

Monday, 21st November 2011, 2:43 pm

But the Donacloney man was determined not to be a quitter following the injury which struck 18 miles into the race on November 6 and he crossed the line in five hours and 35 minutes - raising over £3,000 for Action Cancer in the process.

“My knee was pretty sore and I had to cobble along the route for a mile or two, but then I was able to run again, so long as it was in a straight line,” said Kevin, who was accompanied on his marathon adventure by wife Lynda. “It was quite funny as I wasn’t very good at taking corners and people had to dodge out of my way, but I was determined to complete the 26 miles whether or not I had to crawl through the finish line!”

It was the 41 year-old photographer’s first attempt at a full marathon, but second visit to the Big Apple and the couple were able to spend part of their trip taking in some of the famous sights.

“We took a bus tour around the landmarks, but I think the atmosphere in the city while running in the New York marathon will be the most memorable thing I take home,” added Kevin, who confesses to never having “run the length of himself” before taking on the challenge.

“It was a carnival atmosphere and the support from the crowds lining the streets was simply unbelieveable - it really spurred you on, although for me, the fact I was running for such a good cause was the only incentive I needed.

“The children were tracking me online at home and so were friends in Spain, so I had no option but to keep going! But the real reason to finish the race was to raise funds for Action Cancer.

“My running partner Aaron McCusker’s wife Lucy works for the charity and because we both know people who have been touched by this disease, I wanted to do something to help.”

The charity had a total of 28 runners flying the Action Cancer flag in the New York event and between them they raised over £90,000.

But despite his success and prized medal presented on completion, Kevin has no plans to repeat the experience in the near future.

“I will definitely keep on running,” he says, “but I think I will stick to half-marathons from now on. They are not so hard on the knees..”