John braves rough storms to land an impressive 13

There haven’t been too many anglers braving the storms.

Fish slow and low as one angler put it, they weren’t chasing and when one was spooned, it had a mixture of hoglouse, damsels, and bloodworms.

John Mulvenna braved the strong winds to hook 19 and land 13 on mostly olive lures including 1@3+lb, Tom Hobson landed 13 almost all on bloodworm.

Mr A Fenner landed 10 on black lures, Davy Couples landed 10 on black & orange and black & green lures, Ian McCormack landed 12 on mixed lures, John Johnston landed 11 on bloodworms including 1@6+lb and Peter McBride landed 10 on nymphs and bloodworms including 1@3.8-4lb. Derek Vance got nine on mixed lures, Brian Canavan landed seven on damsels and buzzers, Steven Canavan landed eight on the same and John Hughes landed seven on bloodworms.

Davy McKay netted seven on cats whiskers, Ruth Arnell landed six on cats whiskers and black sleeches, Joe O’Neill close behind with five on hares ear nymphs, Mark Hanna landed five on orange lures and Maurice Finley landed five on mixed lures.

Flys of the week were lures of all colours and bloodworms.