Indoor League

SCARVA St caused a shock this week, taking six points of Magherally - Scarva St 32-28 Magherally

Rink 1: H.Shepherd, M.Nelson, K.Stevenson, N.Craig 9-8 I.Montgomery, P.Martin, S.Scott, J.Martin; Rink 2: A.Stevenson, S.Livingston, J.Dickson, B.Livingston 5-8 G.Beggs, W.Steenson, K.McBride, S.McBride; Rink 3: E.Gibson, H.Shannon, D.Nelson, W.Kinnin 11-7 M.Adair, N.Craig, K.Smith, L.Martin; Rink 4: M.Campbell, F.Hillen, M.Ewart, D.Watt 7-5 A.Anderson, H.Martin, H.Steenson, D.McAuley

Annaclone gave St.Patrick’s a good game at home - Annaclone 26-38 St.Patrick’s

Rink 1: H.McAvoy, A.Pyres, M.McAvoy, J.McConville 8-8 J.McClatchey, W.McCullough, D.Carson, K.Purnell 8; Rink 2: J.McNeill, M.O’Neill, T.McGivern, N.Kerr 6-13 R.Faulkner, R.Surpluss, I.Cousins, T.Martin; Rink 3: V.Mullholland, H.Haughey, B.Mullholland, J.Higgins 6-11 A.Gilliland, I.Dickson, A.Johnston, A.R.Johnston; Rink 4: A.McAvoy, D.McArdle, P.Pyres, M.Wallace 6-6 R.Johnston, P.Hayes, D.Gilliland, G.Gilliland

St.Colman’s and St.Joseph’s fought out an exciting draw - St.Colman’s 34-34 St.Joseph’s

Rink 1: F.O’Dowd, T.McCartan, A.Magee, G.Chambers 6-11 K.Magennis, R.Magennis, D.Magennis, B.Murphy; Rink 2: D.Funell, B.Moore, G.Crothers, C.Davis 8-14 J.Morris, O.Magennis, H.Dillon, L.Magennis; Rink 3: C.Owens, C.Wilson, N.Quinn, P.Moore 8-7 A.O’Loughlin, P.Rooney, P.Linden, S.Murphy; Rink 4: M.Millar, E.Byrne, P.Tumilty, P.Convery 12-2 R.Sterritt, J.Magennis, C.Rooney, C.Dillon

The Leisure Bowlers just edged over the line against Down Shoes: Leisure Bowlers 33-33 Down Shoes

Rink 1: J.Neill, A.McMullan, J.Barr, H.Barr 9-6 A.Donnelly, D.Rea, P.Henderson, M.Campbell; Rink 2: F.Martin, J.Henderson, J.Noddings, W.Cochrane 8-7 B.Tumilty, A.Murphy, K.Tumilty, D.Tumilty; Rink 3: J.Finney, A.Mooney, F.Cairns, W.Walker 6-10 S.McFadden, E.Neill, S.Lively, K.McCoy; Rink 4: B.Elliott, C.Whitten, L.McCreanor, Carol Whitten 10-10 J.Bunting, S.Devlin, M.Ward, M.Bunting

Ballydougan defeated Gilford R.B.L in a local derby: Ballydougan 43-22 Gilford R.B.L

Rink 1: S.Smyth, L.Milligan, H.Smyth, B.Bonness 6-5 N.Wisener, A.McBurney, L.McBurney, A.Magennis; Rink 2: M.Milligan, H.Massey, S.Whyte, N.Whyte 16-3 M.Quail, J.Broome, G.McCoo, B.Strain; Rink 3: E.Wilson, N.Johnston, M.Cassells, M.Milligan 9-7 E.McClean, B.Wisener, S.O’Hare, A.Polin; Rink 4: C.Halliday, G.Wilson, R.Cassells, D.Malcolmson 12-7 A.Wisener, B.Moore, E.McCoo, C.Broome

Holm Park continued their good form against the Pavilion: Holm Park 50-26 Pavilion

Rink 1: A.Sudlow, D.Burns, A.Copeland, T.Wilson 6-13 D.Thomson, M.Ward, V.Newall, C.Wilson; Rink 2: A.McGarrity, M.Dawson, M.Gamble, G.Dawson 11-8 G.McAleenan, T.McDowell, K.Stewart, D.Moles; Rink 3: T.Ogle, S.Smith, T.Sudlow, T.Smith 20-0 J.Donnelly, J.Mackin, K.Kennedy, D.Preston; Rink 4: C.Ogle, L.Aiken, K.Aiken, C.Sherwin 13-5 E.White, G.Anderson, F.Dolan, J.McCullough

Ballyvarley had Tullylish as visitors: Ballyvarley 26-62 AS Tullylish

Rink 1: L.Byrne, J.Lennon, J.McAvoy, S.Byrne 8-9 C.Leckey, R.Boltan, A.Cannaway, J.Wilson; Rink 2: V.Stewart, D.Lennon, G.McGarry, S.McGivern 8-22 M.McAdam, M.Hylands, T.Gray, DJ Wilson; Rink 3: R.McGivern, J.Lennon, C.McDermott, K.O’Neill 6-13 A.Burrell, G.McGracken, J.Gray, D.Bowman; Rink 4: M.Burns, A.Donald, P.J.Johnston, M.McGrath 4-18 J.Black, D.Graham, S.Black, E.Campbell

Congratulations this week to Allan Johnston and Daniel Gilliland members of St.Patrick’s Bowling Club, Donaghcloney. They won the tournament hosted by St.John’s Moira. This is Daniel’s first win and i’m sure it is the first of many.

Played Points

A.S.Tullylish 5 32.5

St.Joseph’s 5 28

St.Patrick’s 5 26

Holm Park 5 25.5

Magherally 5 25

St.Colman’s 5 20

Scarva.St 5 19

Ballydougan 5 18

Pavilion 5 15

Annaclone 5 12.5

Gilford R.B.L 5 7.5

Down Shoes 5 5.5

Ballyvarley 5 5.5

Leisure Bowlers 5 5