Hospital donates to local club

Kingsbridge Private Hospital’s Stuart Johnstone, met with Gerard and Kevin O’Neill from Ballyvarley Hurling Club, to donate kit bags stocked with specialised medical supplies worth hundreds of pounds.

During the World Police and Fire Games, Kingsbridge, which is part of the 3fivetwo group, supplied over 40 medical personnel and an onsite emergency triage service for both competitors and spectators of the games as well as trialled the innovative new Telemedicine program, Smart Care Doc; an internet-based doctor service, which was based in the Athletes village.

Now their commitment to caring for local athletes continues as they donate the last of the medical kits to clubs from all over the province. Stuart said, “As we come to the end of our supply, we are delighted that we could make these donations to the various sports clubs, many of which are hubs of their community. Obviously there is a level of risk with any sport, so it’s good to know that the club coaches will have these kits to aid them in giving local players the highest level of care possible.”

The kits provided include equipment such as steri-strips, euro splints, emergency blankets, pocket masks for CPR, gloves, anti-bacterial hand gel and – of course – bandages.

“We’re donating these bags because we understand how important health and wellbeing is

to any athlete,” said Stuart.

Gerard and Kevin O’Neill, from Ballyvarley Hurling Club was most appreciative of the

donation of these excellent kit bags and knows that the club will be able to put them to good

use in the year ahead.

“Our teams have access to basic first aid kits but the well-stocked contents of these new kits

are so well thought out that our management will go into a competitive new season knowing

that the health and well-being of our players is well catered for and we will have the right

equipment on hand to treat a wide range of injuries. It is a boost to a player’s morale when

they see that injuries are dealt with promptly and efficiently and that the club cares, so these

kits are a welcome bonus on the sideline.”