Home win for Dromore Thirds

THE Thirds had their first home match against Grosvenor Seconds and at the start of the new season both teams were keen to come away with a win to ensure a strong start to the new season.

At the start of the match Dromore went out hard showing great skill from the new members to senior club.

Jill Brown and Amy Poots worked well in midfield to show Grosvenor players that they were the ones to watch.

The defensive line of Chloe Glover, Michelle Herron, Nicola Clements and new member to the senior club, Sarah Wilson, showed that it would be hard for Grosvenor to get past them.

Both teams were working hard when from a free in Michelle Herron found Amy Poots who finished with a great goal.

But Dromore knew it still wasn’t in the bag as Grosvenor attacked hard having some great runs down the left hand side but Dromore kept calm heads and held the 1-0 lead at half time.

After a good team talk from the new Third team coach Jonny McBride they knew what they had to do to keep the pressure on.

The second half started well with a nice run from Katie Pepper who won Dromore a penalty corner. Dromore worked the corner well but were unlucky to score from a love shot by Chloe Glover.

Dromore stayed strong for the rest of the second half but both teams were getting tired and missing easy balls.

Dromore took this as a chance and fought hard to win another two penalties but were unable to make a goal scoring chance.

Judith Ervine kept the midfields pushing hard and had worked into circle to receive the final penalty corner of the match,

Dromore knew this was important to finish with a good result ,a nice push out to Nicola Clements who passed over to Ruth Ravey who had a shot at goal but it was saved by the goalkeeper. Katie Pepper was waiting for her chance and she put the ball in the back of the net just as the whistle blew! What a finish!