Has Railway’s Division One title challenge gone off the rails?

Railway 3 Bus Bar 5: The Railway team have be full of surprises this year, unfortunately the only surprise this week was that they, and their star man Joe McGivern were beat.

They went 2-0 up through D Paxton and G Murphy, and looked like cruising to victory when the Bus Bar tightened the reigns and pulled off come back of the season. J Lyttle D Mulligan and Phil Mac all won their singles whilst D Dunne won for the Railway to level it at 3-3.

However, TB’s have been impressive in the doubles this year and progressed to win 5-3 thanks to wins from N McMurrin and N McQuaid then D Mulligan and K Dowd.

Imperial 3 Anglers 5: The expletives used the actual match comments were too crude to publish, but the general gist of it was that I Wilson wasn’t at the races, and his commentary didn’t help matters. Whereas “Rubber” Buchanan should have gone to specsavers! The big guns all won their singles for The Anglers with BJ and Cathal McAnearney both winning, then M Doyle and M Cosgrove. A Corbet’s performance for the Imperial was the only plus side for the losing side as he won both his singles and doubles, whilst M Jamison also won. Though it was to no avail as C McAnearney & N Tumilty won the last frame to secure two points and get their season back on track.

Mullhollands B 4 O’Reillys 4: I say it every week - O’Reillys should play their matches over two frames!

They were 2-0 up again thanks to the usual winning pair of Ruby & Ruari McGrath. Although captain Ruby must have had an easy ride because I believe his opponent M McCormack is available on a free transfer after his performance! A Bingham, S Wilson and S Hamilton all won for the home side to go 3-2 up but A McGrath levelled before the Capt and Marty Shep guaranteed a point.The star pairing of Ruari McGrath and old war horse D McConville couldn’t pull off the victory against a stubborn pairing of M Jardine & S Wilson, so O’Reillys have to wait another week to end their winless streak.

Market B 8 First & Last 0: Unfortunately the F&L couldn’t get a team together and the market stay top as a result.

Bridge B 5 Gilford Inn 3: If there was such thing as a relegation this would be it. P Malcolmson

R Connell E McKay put the home side 3-0 up, proving they’ve settled into their new home turf. B Finn and D Stephens set up an interesting finish making it 3-2 before S McKay secured a point for the Bridge.

The Bridge made a substitution but it backfired as they lost to leave a tense last frame. However, R Connell and Ricer stepped up in the last to win 5-3 and consolidate Ricer losing his 100% singles record!

League standings after week 7

Market B 12

Railway 10

Bus Bar 10

Anglers Rest 9

Mulholland’s B 7

First&Last 6

Imperial 5

Bridge Bar B 3

Gilford Inn. 3

O’Reillys 3