Great week for Dromore’s senior and junior bowlers

IN their home game against Newcastle on Wednesday last Dromore Seniors scored six points in their victory by 44 shots.

Rink 1: D Graham, J Elliott, K Aiken, A Johnston.

Rink 2: A Matthews, G Ervine, D Burns, SG Malcomson.

Rink 3: H Hylands, R Greer, W Clinghan, D Shanks.

Rink 4: G Dawson, R Johnston, F Cranney, G Clinghan.

After the first quarter of the game the seniors were ahead by six. This was mainly due to the good start Shanks had, being ahead by seven. Johnston was two ahead, Clinghan was all square and SG was down two.

At the half way stage the seniors had a commanding lead of 20. Shanks, firing on all cylinders, was now 18 ahead, Johnston was four up, Clinghan was up by two while SG trailed by four.

At the three quarter stage the seniors were well on their way to victory, leading by 32. Shanks was enjoying the evening’s work, leading by 26; Johnston had moved on to nine ahead, Clinghan was one in front and SG was still four down.

In the final six ends the seniors took the honours with Shanks leading the way, returning the best card of the evening by finishing 29 ahead. Johnston had a comfortable win at 11, Clinghan weighed in at six and SG tried hard but failed by two in the finish.

- Dromore Bowling Club had a good week, playing two matches each.

The seniors took 12 points and the juniors took the full amount of 14 in their two games.

On Saturday the seniors were on a banana skid game away at Dungannon earning themselves six points.

Rink 1: G Dawson, Andrew Johnston, F Cranney, G Clinghan.

Rink 2: H Hylands, R Bolton, W Clinghan, D Shanks.

Rink 3: D Graham, J Elliott, K Aiken, A Johnston.

Rink 4: A Matthews, G McDowell, D Burns, SG Malcomson.

A good start by the seniors saw them ahead by 13. Clinghan was five ahead, Shanks had started where he left off against Newcastle to put himself eight ahead, Johnston was three to the good with SG in the red by three.

The seniors were still doing well at the halfway stage, 25 to the good with all rinks up. Clinghan was now nine in front, Shanks was six in the black, Johnston was four in front with SG six ahead.

Twenty-eight was the margin at three quarter stage. Clinghan had a lead of 10, Shanks had an advantage of 12, Johnston was all square with SG still six ahead.

The seniors made sure of the points in the run in to win by 25. Clinghan finished six ahead, Shanks recorded a 10-shot victory, Johnston was beaten by four and SG scored well to have a victory of 13.

This Saturday the seniors are at home to Curran while the juniors will play their final game of the season away to Divis at 2pm.

- In their league game away to Curran Dromore’s junior team recorded their first seven points in a 36 shot victory and scoring 103 to 67 last Wednesday evening.

Rink 1: E Walker, R Bolton, I Houston, A Sudlow.

Rink 2: WJ Morgan, K Poots, T Gribben, S Malcomson.

Rink 3: T Ogle, S Harrison, H Maxwell, R Malcomson.

Rink 4: S Dugan, C Davies, G McDowell, T Sudlow.

The juniors settled quickly to lead by 11 at the five end mark. A Sudlow was eight ahead, S Malcomson and R Malcomson were both two ahead and T Sudlow was one down.

In the next quarter the juniors were still going well to lead by 18. A Sudlow had a lead of 16, S Malcomson was now in arrears of three, R Malcomson was doing well at 11 ahead with T Sudlow down by six.

There was no stopping the juniors as the lead was 27 at three quarter stage. A Sudlow was now ahead by 15, S Malcomson was ahead by five, R Malcomson was in a good position at 11 up and T Sudlow was still behind by four.

In the final six ends the juniors still held the whip hand to pick up a good seven points. A Sudlow was 10 ahead, S Malcomson was still five to the good, R Malcomson had a good evening making his debut as skip to score a 14 shot victory and T Sudlow scored well in the last ends to finish seven ahead.

- The juniors had another successful day at home on Saturday when they took another seven points from the league game against Lagan Valley.

Rink 1: WJ Morgan, T Ogle, T Gribben, S Malcomson.

Rink 2: E Walker, C Davis, I Houston, A Sudlow.

Rink 3: S Dugan, K Poots, H Maxwell, T Sudlow.

Rink 4: R Elliott, S Harrison, A Clinghan, T Wilson.

The Juniors got out of the traps quickly to gain a match winners score at the five end mark of 26 ahead. Malcomson was a single ahead, A Sudlow was ahead by eight, T Sudlow was 12 to the good and Wilson was ahead by five.

The visitors were now getting the pace of the green and had reduced Dromore’s lead to 22 with all the Dromore rinks ahead. Malcomson was a single to the good, A Sudlow led by four, T Sudlow was 15 to the good with Wilson in the lead by two.

The visitors were still trying to turn the game around but Dromore were still in front by seven. A Sudlow was now under pressure but was one ahead, T Sudlow were well in front at 12 with Wilson all square.

The home team made no mistake in the run in to take full points. Malcomson had a good result of a 15 shot victory, A Sudlow was five ahead, T Sudlow was 13 to the good and Wilson scored a two on the final end to finish two up.