THE young athletes of Dromore Athletics Club travelled last weekend to the Antrim Forum for the Northern Ireland Young Athletes League final.

The weather was warm and humid and the performances from the Dromore athletes was of the highest quality all round and each one giving of their best for their club on the day.

Fifteen medals and many valuable points were the rewards for the athletes and their club as they ran, jumped and threw to the best of their ability throughout the day.

Also there were a good few athletes missing due to holidays and they would have been another asset to the dromore club on the day.

U13 GIRLS - A 150m Caragh Milligan, 3rd (bronze); B 150m Jemma Smyth, 4th; A 75m Caragh Milligan, 6th; B 75m Jemma Smyth 4th.

U13 BOYS - A 1500m Ashley Woodward, 3rd (bronze); A high jump, Alexander Livingston, 2nd (silver); A shot putt, Alexander Livingston, 2nd (silver); A100m Andrew Cordosi, 5th; A 200m Ashley Woodward, 4th; B 200m Andrew Cardosi, 2nd.

U15 GIRLS - A 1500m Robyn McKee, 1st (gold); B 1500m Terri Cain 2nd; A 800m Emma Mitchell, 2nd (silver); A javelin, Chelsey Whan, 2nd (silver); A discus, Chelsey Whan, 3rd (bronze); A 200m Robyn McKee, 2nd (silver); B 200m, Hannah Russell, 3rd; A 100m Emma Mitchell, 7th; B 100m Hannah Russell, 3rd; A long jump, Emma Mitchell 5th, B long jump, Hannah Russell, 5th; 4X100m relay, Dromore 4th - Emma, Robyn, Hannah, Chelsey.

U15 BOYS - A discus, Tom Jess, 3rd (bronze); A shot putt, Tom Jess, 3rd (bronze); A javelin, Tom Jess, 4th.

U17 GIRLS - A 3000m Chloe Harris, 1st (gold); A long jump, Hayley McDermott, 7th.

U17 BOYS - A 1500m, Ryan McDermott, 1st (gold); B 1500m, Dean Cain, 1st (gold); A 800m Ryan McDermott, 2nd (silver); B 800m Dean Cain, 6th; A shot putt, Chris Lockhart, 4th; A discus, Chris Lockhart, 4th; B discus, Ryan McDermott, 6th; A javelin, 6th.