Graham is seventh Sunday sweep winner

SUNDAY FEBRUARY 24 - There have been seven Sunday Sweeps so far this year and Graham Shannon is the seventh different winner.

Friday, 15th March 2013, 8:00 am
Bertie Shaw, winner of the high section in the Saturday Sweep, is pictured with Kieran McGreevey, runner-up in the Sunday Sweep.

I wonder who will be the first player to win it twice?

Colin Kennedy went home the happiest man of all because he scooped a massive 2’s pot all to himself.

1st, Graham Shannon (21) Nett 31.5; 2nd, Kieran McGreevey (21) Nett 31.5; 3rd, John Crothers (13) Nett 31.5.

SATURDAY MARCH 2 - This was the first 14 holes sweep this year and it was probably the best day for golf so far. The course had dried out remarkably well after 17 days without rain and everyone was a little happier.

Ian Magown was the top player on the day. He played the 14 holes in one over par gross and that gave him a brilliant 38 stableford points.

Another player to hit the headlines was Dermot Magee. He had no less than three twos on his card. He birdied the 12th, the 15th and the 18th holes. Isn’t that just amazing! Well done, Dermot!

SECTION 0-9: 1st, Paul McAleavey (5) 36 points; 2nd, Damian Weir (5) 31.

SECTION 10-17: 1st, Ian Magowan (14) 38; 2nd, John Doran (14) 37.

SECTION 18+: 1st, Bertie Shaw (21) 35; 2nd, Joe Smith (18) 34.

SUNDAY MARCH 3 - Michael Brown has got his season off to a nice start with victory in the Sunday Sweep. Michael would appear to be taking his golf game very seriously this year as I saw him the other day discussing new clubs with our professional, Jason. He could be worth watching over the coming months.

And what about Rory Madeley? He walked away with a huge grin on his face after lifting the entire twos pot. Spend it wisely, Rory!

1st, Michael Brown (24) Nett 29.5; 2nd, Roy Sipson (10) Nett 30; 3rd, John Crothers (13) Nett 31.5.

SAYURDAY MARCH 9 - Rory Madeley is a player in top form. He has won the low section in the Pro Shop Saturday Sweep twice in the last three weeks.

Gordon Enderson was the top scorer with 37 points, just one point off the 2013 record for 14 holes.

SECTION 0-9: 1st, Rory Madeley (3) 28 points; 2nd, John Bell (6) 28.

SECTION 10-17: 1st, Mervyn Waddell (17) 35; 2nd, David Thompson (15) 33.

SECTION 18+: 1st, Gordon Enderson (24) 37; 2nd- Richard Coburn (21) 35.

- The golf professional, Jason Greenaway, would like every golfer to know that the Monday and Thursday Sweeps recommence next week.

Up to now, there has been no point in running these sweeps, as the weather was so bad. But things are improving weather-wise and the evenings are lengthening so, hopefully, there will be more than a little enthusiasm for the competitions.

In the not so distant past, there would have been 50 or 60 players in the weekday sweeps. Let’s hope we can see that again.