Good week for Dromore Seniors as they take 12.5 points

IT has been a good week for Dromore Seniors gaining 12.5 in their two league games played at home against Curran and Dungannon.

Monday, 17th May 2010, 9:57 am
Updated Monday, 17th May 2010, 3:15 pm

In the Tuesday evening game against Curran they gave supporters some anxious moments before they crossed the finishing line by one shot.

Rink 1: H Hylands, T Wilson, SG Malcomson, A Johnston.

Rink 2: W Clinghan, S Jess, J McKenny, R Greer.

Rink 3: B Paylor, D Shanks, D Burns, F Cranney.

Rink 4: R Wills, G Dawson, D Graham, G Clinghan.

The seniors were seven shots ahead at the five end mark with two rinks ahead. Clinghan had a six shot advantage, Cranney was ahead by one with Johnston and Greer all square

At the halfway stage the scoreboard was showing the seniors ahead by three with three rinks in front. Clinghan was still going well at seven ahead, Johnston was a single in front with Greer two up and Cranney in the red by seven.

At three quarter stage the seniors were now ahead by two with three rinks ahead. Clinghan was still seven in front, Johnston and Greer were both two up while Cranney was still in trouble at nine down.

In the final six ends the game changed a couple of times and it was left to Johnston rink to get the final shot to win the game for Dromore.

Clinghan won by 17, Johnston ended up four ahead; Greer, making his debutante skip, had a single shot win with Cranney finishing in the red by 21.

A big victory for the rink skipped by G. Clinghan saw Dromore Seniors score a win of 50 shots over Dungannon and six and a half points in their league game on Saturday last.

Clinghan ended up with a margin of 26 shots.

Rink 1: B. Paylor, K. Aiken, D. Burns, F. Cranney.

Rink 2: H. Hylands, T. Wilson, S.G. Malcomson, A. Johnston.

Rink 3: B. Clinghan, S. Jess, J. McKenny, R. Greer.

Rink 4: R. Wills, G. Dawson, D. Graham, G. Clinghan.

In the first five ends Cranney had scored well to lead by nine, a six on end three saw Greer ahead by one, Clinghan had also scored six on the first end and lead by eight with Johnston down by four to give the seniors a lead of 14.

The home team were giving the visitors a hard time on three rinks at the half way stage. Clinghan was now in double figures leading by 11, Cranney was nine to the good and Greer was also doing well at eight ahead. Meanwhile Johnston was now in the red by six to show Dromore leading by 22.

The game was as good as over at the three quarter stage as Dromore’s lead was now 32. Clinghan was 18 to the good with Cranney and Greer both 10 in front with Johnston still six in arrears.

In the final ends Dromore pressed on to win by 50. Clinghan was 26 to the good, Greer was a winner by 15, Cranny’s rink was nine up and Johnston came back to get a draw.

This Wednesday the seniors are away to Dungannon in the NIBA Senior Cup at 6.30pm and have no game on Saturday. The juniors are away on Saturday to Private Green League team Downpatrick at 2pm in the IBA Junior Cup.

It was another bad day for Dromore Juniors at Musgrave Park last Saturday, losing by seven shots to 13th Old Boys, taking only two points from the game.

Rink 1: S McCrum, T Ledlie, H Maxwell, T Sudlow.

Rink 2: R McCandless, A Matthews, I Houston, T Gribben.

Rink 3: T Ogle, T Hewitt, G Ervine, A Sudlow.

Rink 4: J Topping, N Lindsay, J Noddings, S Malcomson.

A bright start by Malcomson, who was leading by six at the five end mark, saw the juniors in the red by four. T Sudlow was all square, A Sudlow was ahead by one with Gribben not going as well at 11 down.

When the halfway stage was reached the juniors were showing two ahead with three rinks up. T Sudlow and A Sudlow were both ahead by seven to leave Gribben in arrears of 20.

The Old Boys got their act together in the next five ends and were eight to the good. Malcomson had a poor five ends and was now two down, T Sudlow was nine ahead, A Sudlow was at eight with Gribben 23 in the red

In the final six ends Dromore were only able to reduce the margin by one to leave the home team winners by seven.

It was a disappointing day for Malcomson going down by four after such a good start Gribben rallied for a few ends but finished 19 down with Tom and Alan Sudlow showing winning cards of eight each at the finish.