Verdun Bond is Bann’s champion golfer

The final of the Matchplay Championship between Verdun Bond and Richard Coburn was played last Wednesday evening.

Friday, 4th September 2015, 4:57 pm
Verdun Bond and Richard Coburn shake hands before the start of the Matchplay final.

Both players are evenly matched, handicap wise, Richard off 12 and Verdun off 15.

The final turned out to be one of the most amazing games of this season or any other season, for that matter.

Suffice to say, Verdun was never in front until the final putt on the final green.

Here is how the match unfolded:

1st- A routine half in 5’s.

2nd- Richard won with a par 5 to go one up.

3rd- Verdun was on in two but putted off the green. Richard won with a par. He is now two up.

4th- Verdun hit the tree on the left, fell down behind it and then hit his third into the bunker. He conceded Richard his par and that put him 3 up.

5th- Richard went out of bounds off the tee. Verdun won the hole and he is back to two down.

6th- Richard found double trouble. He was almost in the hedge and then in the pond. Another win for Verdun He is now one down.

7th- Richard sank a 15 feet putt a birdie. He goes two up again.

8th- Richard holed another excellent putt, from 10 feet, to win the hole and go 3 up.

9th- Richard had another good chance to win a hole. He 3-putted for a half. He was three up at the turn and looking good.

10th- This long par 3 was halved in 4’s.

11th- Two good drives, two good second shots, two good chips, and two good putts and the hole was halved. Richard remains 3 up.

12th- Richard went from front bunker into the back bunker. He conceded the hole. He is 2 up again.

13th- Verdun visited the trees. He lost the hole to a par. He is 3 down.

14th-. Verdun 3-putted for a bogey but got a half with his shot. Richard is 3 up with 4 to play.

15th- This is where it all went wrong for Richard. He was on in two. Verdun was short right, chipped into the bunker, took two more shots to get out and was on the green in four. It looked all over bar the shouting. Believe it or not, Richard four putted for a 6 and Verdun sank an 8-footer to win the hole with a 5.

16th- Richard hit his tee shot into the bunker at the 14th. Verdun played the hole perfectly, won it with a par and he is now only one down.

17th- Two good drives. Verdun hit the green, Richard bunkered left. He played an excellent recovery but his 10 feet putt stopped on the lip. Verdun squared the match with his par.

18th- All square going down the last. Both players missed the green. Richard chipped to 10 feet, Verdun chipped to 8 feet. Richard ran his putt 3 feet past the hole. Verdun went 5 feet past. Verdun holed his putt. Richard missed. Verdun won the hole with a four and took the title of Champion Golfer.

Richard was heart broken and Verdun was in a state of shock. Strange things happen all the time at golf and this was such an occasion. Verdun will remember this match for a long time while Richard will want to forget all about it.

Verdun is the Matchplay Champion and congratulations to him. Commiserations to Richard who was part of a memorable final. His chance will come again, no doubt.