Mervyn defies wind and rain to win the Saturday Sweep

This past week was almost a washout as far as the golf sweeps were concerned.

Friday, 11th December 2015, 2:30 pm
Joe Glass, winner of the middle section of the Winter League in round four.

The Sunday, Monday and Thursday competitions were cancelled due to the heavy rain and waterlogged course.

A total of 17 players ventured out on Saturday. There may have been a few more at the start but only 17 cards were returned.

The winner was Mervyn Waddell (19) who had 26 points for the 11 holes played.

The runner-up was Dennis Watt (17) with 25 points.

Philip Mallon (10) slipped into third place also with 25 points. You have to admire the enthusiasm of those players who defied the wind and rain.

Tom wins Low Section for the second time

Tom Mulholland, the number one player on team 7, became the first man to win two individual prizes in this year’s Winter League.

He won the low section in round two and repeated the feat in round four. What a player!

Gerry Blevins became the first man to score 30 points for the 11 holes course. Will that score be equalled or even beaten? I doubt it.

The individual prizewinners in round 4 are as follows:

Low Section (0-12).

1st- Tom Mulholland (team 7) 26 points (28-2).

2nd- Peter Hillen (team 4) 26 points.

Middle Section (13-17).

1st- Joe Glass (team 1) 29 points.

2nd- Cameron Morton (team 2) 27 points.

High Section (18+).

1st- Gerry Blevins (team 4) 30 points.

2nd- Kieran McGreevey (team 5) 28 points.