Jonathan escapes the Bear Trap to seal Easter victory


Wednesday, 30th April 2014, 6:29 pm
The two main prize winners in the Easter Monday Medal: Rory Madeley,best gross winner and Jonathan Burns, the overall winner.

Brian Knox dropped only one shot to par on his way to his second victory in the Sunday Sweep this year.

1st- Brian Knox (13) Nett 30.5.

2nd- Philip Strong (8) Nett 32.


There was an excellent turnout for the Easter Monday Medal and it resulted in a photo finish.

Four players finished with 41 points and it was their scores over the final four holes that decided the placings.

Jonathan Burns played these very tricky holes in 12 shots ( and that clinched first place.

David Cherry and Michael Robinson took 17 shots for the same stretch and poor Alan Dale, with victory in his grasp, slumped to 19 shots.

Those last four holes, which some members call the “Bear Trap”, will catch out many a player before the season is done.

Robin Boyd and Tom Mulholland came close with 39 points each.

1st- Jonathan Burns (5) 41 pts

2nd- David Cherry (14) 41 pts

3rd- Michael Robinson (15) 41 pts

4th- Alan Dale (12) 41 pts

Best Gross: Rory Madeley (3) 68

Best Senior: Peter Hillen (11) 38 pts


The juveniles didn’t get a very pleasant morning for their Easter competition.

It was cold and wet, which makes the winning scores by Patrick Magennis and Matthew Reain commendable.


1s Patrick Magennis (8) 39 pts

2nd- Jamie Thompson (11) 38 pts


1st- Matthew Reain (32) 45 pts

2nd- Joshua Reain (24) 39 pts


Michael Allison, a former member of the golf club, returned to play in the Open Stableford.

He must have been impressed with the many improvements to the course layout. Michael played lovely golf; going round in four over par, gross 73. That gave him a winning score of 42 points. You will be back, Michael, won’t you?

Gareth Moody and Kerry McCluskey both came close with 39 points each.

1st- Michael Allison (10) 42 pts

2nd- David Cherry (13) 41 pts

3rd- Paul Mark (17) 41 pts

Best Gross: William Malcolmson (5) 72