Club matchplay round one completed

The winner of the Matchplay Championship has the distinct honour of calling himself the champion golfer for 2014.

Wednesday, 9th July 2014, 8:40 am
Kyle Buchanan, Garreth Moody and Robin Bond Edward Byrne Photography INBL1427-224EB

Defending champion Sherwin Curran is still in.

The first round results are:

Malcolm Russell beat Neil Comiskey 3 and 2.

Shane Crossan beat Merton McDowell at the 19th.

Dermot Dawson beat Paddy Grimes 2 and 1.

Hugo Downey beat Gavin Greer 6 and 5.

Dean Nicoletti beat Cecil Wilson 4 and 3.

Jonathan Ward beat Glen Buchanan 5 and 4.

Seamus McGrath beat Brian Grimes 9 and 8.

Adam McGregor beat Lee Wildridge 4 and 3.

Gareth McGregor beat Gareth Matthews 3 and 1.

Robin Bond beat Andrew Briggs 4 and 3.

John Poots beat Mark McCullough 2 up.

Neil Clydesdale beat Conor Mulholland 7 and 6.

Kevin McKay beat Aaron Buchanan at the 19th.

Morris Phillips beat Jim Matthews 5 and 4.

Joe Whiteside beat Neville Kerr 3 and 1.

Andrew Quinn beat Danny O’Boyle 4 and 3.

Philip Strong beat Paul Doherty 2 and 1.

round two fixtures

Malcolm Russell v Sherwin Curran. Shane Crossan v Garreth Moody. Dermot Dawson v Hugo Downey. Dean Nicoletti v Jonathan Ward. Gordon Enderson v David Cherry. Seamus McGrath v Malcolm Hanna. Lyle Rea v Victor McNeill. Declan Dooher v John McCormac. Adam McGregor v Verdon Bond. Barry Casey v Gareth McGregor. Josh Lockhart v Robin Bond. John Poots v Neil Clydesdale. Paul Magee or Kieran Magennis v Eamon McAnarney. Kevin McKay v Morris Phillips. Joe Whiteside v Andrew Quinn. Philip Strong v Richard Lyttle or William Malcolmson.