Fourths hold out to see off Harlequins

THE sun shone on Dromore Ladies Fourth XI last Saturday as they met with Belfast Harlequins for the first time this season at Ferris Park.

Dromore Ladies had a good squad present with a couple of players returning to the team after being freed from work commitments.

The game began at 1pm and from the first whistle started at a fast and furious pace. Harlequins dominated the game in the first 10 minutes and managed to put a lot of pressure on the Dromore defence.

Dromore had to settle fast and, under the watchful eye of experienced sweeper Rebecca Martin, coped very well under pressure and managed to keep a clean sheet.

It was great to watch the Dromore side gain confidence as the game progressed and they began to create some superb attacking chances taking advantage of some great long passes from the back courtesy of Lyndsay Ferguson and Lynette Coggan.

Many of the long passes were collected neatly by Sarah Percy in midfield and ably slipped to the front row team of Emma Johnston and Gemma Crawford who made good attacking runs on the circle. Unfortunately for Dromore,

Harelquins remained alert and managed to contain any Dromore threat.

Just before the end of the first half Harlequins made an unwelcome return back into the Dromore circle and were able to get a number of shots on target but the new Dromore goalkeeper, Alix Magowan, was having a great game and at half time the game remained scoreless.

After the turnaround the game began at the same high pace as the first half but it was Dromore who had more of the attacking play.

Anna Hughes had a brilliant second half and was responsible for some skillful, winding runs on the left wing. Anna was supported by the young Victoria Robinette who had a greatly improved game this week after being moved into the left midfield position.

The attacking play by Dromore soon began to pay dividends with a number of short corners being awarded in their favour but they just couldn’t manage to captialise on the chances.

The girls remained determined though and after a great run on the right wing from Gemma Crawford followed by a great ball across the middle of the circle, the ball ended up in the Harlequins net courtesy of Anna Hughes’ quick reaction shot from in front of the keeper.

he pace didn’t seem to slack at all and right to the end Harlequins remained determined to even the score. They managed again to enter the Dromore circle on a few of occasions and even won a couple of short corners but Dromore Ladies remained calm under pressure and kept the score at the final whistle to 1-0 in their favour.

The player of the match was unanimously awarded to Anna Hughes for showing real grit and determination. The ladies would like to thank Tara Malcolmson and Thomas Sturgeon for umpiring.