Four solo wins for Jenny as Banbridge beat Dungannon

Banbridge ASC beat Dungannon 641-503 in the Provincial Town League.

Banbridge were fabulous in their relays with 14 out of 16 won by the home side. The girls A Medley Relay group were first to the blocks, with Aidin Quinn leading out her team with a fast backstroke swim. Julia Knox kept the lead with a great breaststroke. Zoe Kilpatrick flew into the water in a speedy butterfly and Ruby McNiff swam a strong front crawl to secure a superb first event win.

Group B boys and girls also won their Medley Relays thanks to William Pinkerton, Harry Dougan, Harry Farson and Christopher Morrow for the boys and Sophie Mount, Rebecca Pinkerton, Jessica Robinson and Lauren Armstrong for the girls.

Group C boys did likewise as Ross Johnston led off with a great backstroke, Michael Rafferty powered through the water with his breaststroke, Caolan Quinn swam a strong butterfly and Alex Donnelly brought them safely home with a smooth front crawl.

Group D girls was led by the girls’ captain, Jenny Wilson. Her team-mates included Megan McKenna, Anna Smith and Zoe Smyth. These four girls secured yet another great Medley Relay win, as did the Group D boys.

They were just as dominant in the individual events. In Group A, there were race wins for Julia Knox, and Ryan Bigley. In Group B, Lauren Armstrong, Sophie Mount and William Pinkerton got three wins each while Jessica Robinson won breaststroke and Harry Farson won fly.

Ellie Purdy picked up three wins in Group C, as did Caolan Quinn. Michael Rafferty and Ross Johnston were also victorious. In Group D, girls’ captain Jenny Wilson led by example to win four races while Nicky Galloway won twice and Megan McKenna won fly. There were also wins in the Freestyle Relays to secure the victory.

The next PTL gala will be at home against a tough but not unbeatable Larne. Remember if you are a young swimmer, can swim a minimum of 50m front crawl and 50m back crawl and are interested in joining our club, contact Banbridge ASC by e-mailing