Four out of four for Dromore

ANOTHER good week for Dromore Bowling club saw four games played and four games won.

On Saturday last Dromore Seniors had Markethill as visitors and recorded a good win to go through to the second round.

Rink 1: B Paylor, H Hylands, F Cranny, D Shanks.

Rink 2: A Matthews, T Wilson, D Burns, SG Malcomson.

Rink 3: R Bolton, R Malcomson, K Aiken, J McKenny.

Rink 4: G Dawson, A Johnston, W Clinghan, G Clinghan.

Dromore were nine shots in front at five ends with two rinks up. McKenny had a lead of seven, Clinghan was four in front, SG was all square and Shanks was down by two.

Markethill was giving the seniors some problems at the halfway stage and were only a single behind. The seniors were ahead on two rinks - Shanks was two in front and McKenny was at six. Clinghan all square and SG was seven in the red.

The game was still in the melting pot with the senior ahead by just four with three rinks up. Shanks was a single ahead, McKenny was ahead by three, Clinghan was six to the good and SG was down by six.

In the final six ends the seniors made sure of going into the second round, winning by 25 shots. Shanks had a big six ends and finished 12 ahead, McKenny’s margin was nine to the good, Clinghan was ahead by 12 while SG had to admit defeat by eight.

Next week is another busy week. On Tuesday evening the seniors are away to Newtownabbey and the juniors are at home to Newry. On Wednesday evening the seniors are at home to Divis in the N.I.B.A. Senior Cup.

On Saturday the seniors are at home to Carrick while the juniors are away to Antrim.

- The seniors began their run last Wednesday night against Ulster Maple Leaf in a league game where the rink skipped by SG Malcomson made sure that the seniors took six points in a 31 shot victory.

Rink 1: D Graham, A Johnston, R Greer, G Clinghan.

Rink 2: B Paylor, H Hylands, F Cranny, D Shanks.

Rink 3: R Bolton, R Malcomson, K Aiken, J McKenny.

Rink 4: A Matthews, G Dawson, D McCandless, SG Malcomson.

Dromore had a seven shot lead at the quarter stage with McKenny and SG both ahead by five, Shanks all square with Clinghan down by three.

At halfway stage the seniors had doubled their lead to be ahead by 14. McKenny was now ahead by seven, SG was 11 ahead, Shanks was a single to the good with Clinghan down five.

At three quarter stage the seniors were still enjoying the better of the exchanges to lead by 24. McKenny was 13 up, SG was ahead by 16, Shanks was four up and Clinghan was in the red by nine.

In the final six ends the locals had no problem getting their victory. McKenny had a bad six ends but still finished up by four. It was a field night for SG who had a 24 shot victory. Shanks came home by seven with Clinghan scoring a six on the last end to finish four down.

- Dromore Juniors, in their first away game in the league, made a good start by taking five points from Moat Park on Wednesday last.

Rink 1: J Black, J Topping, A Johnston, S Malcomson.

Rink 2: E Walker, S Dugan, H Maxwell, T Sudlow.

Rink 3: J McCullough, G McDowell, T Gribben, A Sudlow.

Rink 4: S Harrison, C Davis, I Houston, W Clinghan.

In the first quarter the juniors were in the front by six; A Sudlow ahead by nine, Clinghan four up; Malcomson was three in arrears and T Sudlow down four.

At the halfway stage the juniors knew they were going to have another hard game on their hands as they were only a shot ahead. A Sudlow was now leading by 11, Clinghan was now three ahead, Malcomson was four down and T Sudlow 11 in the red.

At three quarter stage the teams were level at 56 each. A Sudlow’s lead was now 18, Clinghan was eight in front, Malcomson was down by eleven with T Sudlow 15 in arrears.

A great finish in the last six ends by the juniors saw them finish winners by 23 shots. A Sudlow and Clinghan both finished ahead by fifteen, Malcomson was down by six with T Sudlow a single in the red.

- In their first round of the Irish Junior Cup Dromore Junior team were away to Private Green Club Ewarts last Saturday and recorded a 32 shot victory earning them a home draw in the next round.

Rink 1: R Harrison, G Beggs, R Elliott, I Houston.

Rink 2: E Walker, S Dugan, H Maxwell, T Sudlow.

Rink 3: J McCullough, WJ Morgan, T Gribben, A Sudlow.

Rink 4: J Black, J Elliott, J Topping, S Malcomson.

A good start by the juniors saw them build up a 10 shot lead at five ends. Houston had a lead of three, T Sudlow was ahead by six, Malcomson was two to the good and A Sudlow was a single down.

At the halfway stage the juniors had doubled their lead to be 20 ahead. Houston was now nine in front with the aid of two fours; T Sudlow had scored eight and conceded none to be 14 ahead; A Sudlow was still a single in the red with Malcomson down by two.

The game was as good as over at the three quarter mark with the juniors 39 ahead. Houston was now 13 up; a seven on end 11 saw T Sudlow with a lead of 24. A Sudlow and Malcomson were both ahead by a single.

The final six ends were just a matter of finishing the game with the juniors running out winners on three rinks. Houston finished 12 ahead, T Sudlow had a good day at 24 up; Malcomson was ahead by three and A Sudlow was defeated for the first time this season by seven.