‘Vote with your feet’ says new Town chairman

Crystal Park, home of Banbridge Town FC.
Crystal Park, home of Banbridge Town FC.

Banbridge Town’s new chairman Dominic Downey has called on the club’s supporters to ‘vote with their feet.’

Having recently taken over the reigns of the club at the AGM, Downey is desperate to see success on the Crystal Park pitch.

“What we need is to have everyone who professes to support and have a love for Banbridge Town to vote with their feet, get out to matches and support Ryan Watson, the team and committee,” he told the ‘LEADER.’

“It’s all about numbers coming through the gates. The more people we have coming down, the better the atmosphere there is and the more we can put into developing a strong side on the pitch.

“For a Town the size of Banbridge, it’s fair to say the club has underachieved. We all want to see the club getting back to where they should be in Championship One.”

Up to five teams will be relegated from Championship Two this season, meaning a repeat of last season’s 11th placed finish would result in a fall to Mid-Ulster football for Town. “With the changes the IFA are bringing in, this is a very important season for the club,” said Downey.

“They mean we have to be successful both on and off the pitch. We have to be in the top half of the league and pushing for promotion, if possible.

“Maybe that’s a big ask this season but that has to be the aim. Top half really is a minimum requirement.

“Off the pitch, we have to do everything we can to give Ryan all the resources he needs to get a successful team on the pitch.”

The club has had its fair share of financial difficulties in recent years but Downey is confident of a secure future.

“We’re now on as firm a footing as any club,” he said.

“We have got back to a position that we don’t owe anybody money. It means that any money we generate, we can use to help put a good team on the pitch.

“We have fight for every penny though. That’s why we need to see people coming through the gates.”