‘There is a will to make it work. Now we must deliver:’ Cully

Crystal Park, home of Banbridge Town FC.
Crystal Park, home of Banbridge Town FC.

Banbridge Town chairman Andrew Cully says there is a lot of hard work ahead for the club after their EGM on Thursday evening.

Town’s members met to discuss the financial situation at the club and look at a path forward for the immediate future.

The decision was taken to set up a sub-committee until further decisions are made at the club’s upcoming AGM on 19 June.

The chairman was delighted at the support shown for the club.

“There was an exceptionally good turnout at the meeting, which is the first positive note,” Cully told the ‘LEADER.’

“It was great to see that people are genuinely interested in the wlfare of the club.

“The meeting was very constructive. There were a number of initiatives discussed and a sub-committee has been formed to manage the club’s affairs until we get to the AGM, which is scheduled for Thursday 19 June.

“A number of decisions will have to be taken at that meeting.”

However, Cully knows that an influx of money and graft will be needed to secure a sustainable road ahead for the Cheney Park side.

He said: “The purpose of the meeting was to look at the financial structure of the club and we achieved what we set out to do. There is a lot of good will but now the hard work will have to be put in. It’s only through that work that you can reap the rewards.

“There’s one thing that we can be absolutely certain of, it has become even more evident upon the conclusion of the meeting that there will have to be an investment of money into the club.

“Members and everybody who is associated with the club or who have an interest in the club are going to have to knuckle down. There’s going to have to be a lot of hard work done.

“There is an interest and a will to make it work. Now we have to deliver on that.”

Cully is, however, optimistic that Town can move forward and has invited anyone who can help to contact the club immediately:

“There is hard work ahead but it’s achievable.

“If people do see that they can give a commitment to it, the door is very much open and it is important now more than ever.”