Seapatrick make it hard for themselves

Seapatrick Reserves 4

Armagh Celtic 4

Seapatrick won after penalties

A THRILLING game took place at Havelock Park on Saturday when Seapatrick entertained Armagh Celtic in the fourth round of the O’Hara Cup.

The Villagers took a while to get going but eventually they started to pass the ball about and greated a few chances with Kerr and McCreanor coming close.

Seapatrick got the first goal when Kerr was fouled in the box. Up stepped A. Chambers to convert the penalty.

Seapatrick didn’t stop there and pushed on for more goals getting a second one when Burns’ pass found A. Chambers and the forward made no mistake with a great finish.

Armagh’s forward hit a good shot on target but was halted with a fantastic save from Seapatrick’s goal keeper to keep it 2-0 at half time.

Armagh started the second half stronger and got a goal back when their forward ran through the Seapatrick defence and put the ball into the net.

Five minutes later they made it 2-2 and pulled themselves back into the game.

Seapatrick’s heads didn’t drop and soon took the lead again when Sloan made a run down the left wing and crossed the ball to find A. Chambers and the forward smashed the ball into the net for his hat-trick.

Seapatrick soon scored when Kerr was took down again in the box for a penalty. Up stepped Burns who converted the penalty.

Armagh got a life line when the referee gave a penalty to let the away team back in.

Up stepped the forward to convert the penalty and shortly after they made it 4-4 when a cross came in and the Armagh forward headed the ball into the net.

4-4 at full time the two teams went into extra time and Seapatrick ended the game stronger with Kerr, Chambers, Gourley and McCreanor all coming close in goal but just couldn’t find the net.

Then it went into penalty shot out with Darcey missing the first with Chambers, McCreanor and Burns all converting but the hero of the day was Seapatrick’s goalkeeper who pulled off two fantastic saves for Seapatrick to win the match.

Seapatrick made it hard for themselves but they are through into the semi-final of the cup.