Rathfriland FC hold their Annual General Meeting

The 2014 AGM took place at the Rathfriland FC clubrooms last Tuesday, June 17, with a large attendance of office bearers and committee members in attendance.

Also in attendance were club members John McClimonds and Brian Magennis.

Chairman Junior Murray welcomed and thanked everyone for attending the meeting.

Club Secretary Trevor Weir read the minutes of the previous meeting and then himself read a very comprehensive Secretary`s report for the 2013/14 season.

Chairman Junior Murray thanked Trevor for his detailed report and for his duties as role of Secretary throughout the season.

The Chairman made his own remarks noting the club could not function effectively if it were not for office bearers like Trevor Weir and John Annett.

He continued by thanking all the office bearers of the club for their duties all year and also to the hardworking committee team who had given him a brilliant response throughout the year.

He also thanked all the players and managers for turning out every week and for the efforts they put in for Rathfriland Football Club.

The Chairman poigantly made special reference on the loss of former club member George Wilton which was a low point for the club during the season citing that people probably never knew how much George loved the club and the pride he had was “immeasurable”.

John McClimonds then took the chair for the election of offices which were as follows:

President: Mr Brian Todd; Chairman: Mr Junior Murray; Vice - Chairman: Mr Mark Bickerstaff; Secretary: Mr Trevor Weir; Treasurer: Mr John Annett; P.R.O: Mr Eric Annett; Commercial Manager: Mr Gordon Wilson; Assistant Commercial Manager
Mr Mervyn Groves; Youth Development Officer Mr Lindsay Bronte.

The committee were re-elected en - bloc plus Dessie Davenport and the vice president’s were elected en bloc as follows:-

Committee - Paul Gibbons; Adrian Megaw; Rodney Patterson; Alex Scott; Roy Annett; Lindsay Bronte; Ryan Monaghan; Conan Power; Iain McDowell; Dessie Davenport.

Vice - President’s - Bobby Ingram; Jimmy Burns; Billy Cochrane; Kenny McKnight; Hubert McKee; Alfie McInness; Alan Shaw; Sarcfield Downey; David Murray; Tom Moorhead; W.J. Martin; Maxi Beale; Elizabeth Ingram; John McClimonds; Gordon Wilson.