Not a good day for Dromore Seconds

ON Saturday October 15 Dromore Ladies Seconds took on Lurgan Thirds at a very wet Ferris Park.

The match started well for Dromore with some good work between our midfield of Nicole Laverty, Ana Clarke and Katie Cochrane getting the ball to the forward line up off Chloe Glover, Shannon Brush and Michaela Neill who where unable to convert.

Both teams were evenly matched throughout the first half with both teams creating equal opportunities but neither team found the back of the net. At the end of the first half the score was 0-0.

After the break Lurgan started strong and with only seconds gone they had scored, putting pressure on the defensive line up off Cathy Wilson, Chelsey Whan, Clare Elliott, Allyson McMullan and Jo Titterington.

Dromore did pick up and won several Penalty Corners but again unable to convert them. Lurgan then appeared to up the game once more put pressure on the dromore defence and placing the ball into the back of the net.

The locals fought back with good play from the defence to work the ball up the pitch to the forwards only for the shot to be denied by the Lurgan goalkeeper.

Dromore did well to create there chances but couldn’t find the back of the net, Lurgan made a break and with that they increased there lead by 3-0.

In the last stages of the match Lurgan continued to put the pressure on the dromore defence being denied many of times by the Dromore goalkeeper Emma Cleland who did very well to save the efforts of the Lurgan team.

After all the good defensive work by Dromore the ball was lose in the middle of the pitch and the Lurgan midfield was quick to pounce and played a long ball up the field for the score to be settled at Dromore Seconds 0 Lurgan Thirdss 4.