Experienced Scarva roll back the clock in Coalisland

Football news
Football news

There was no shortage of experience in the Scarva Rangers ranks on Saturday.

It is said the average age of the Scarva team which took to the pitch at Coalisland on Saturday afternoon was 37 years, possibly a record in Mid Ulster Division One but they couldn’t stop a 5-0 loss.

They certainly didn’t let themselves or their club down, expending every drop of energy they had during an arduous away encounter.

Only a single goal separated the sides until the final quarter. Late in the game goalkeeper Alan Hammond capped a superb display with a first class penalty save.

Coalisland are currently top of Division One while Scarva are rock bottom.

This would have been an easy fixture for the veterans to find an excuse not to travel to but they can be proud of the way they played.

The legs may not be as sprightly as they once were but the courage and character remains undiminished.

Special mention to those who have celebrated more than 37 birthdays; Ernie and Alan Hammond, Freddie McKelvey, Dawson Jones and Derek Patton for their evergreen performances.