Drivers urged to get in touch

WITH just two weeks to go to the 30th Irish Kart Grand Prix on August 25-26 at Nutts Corner Circuit, the Ulster Karting Club is putting out an invite for drivers from that first event in 1982 to get in contact with the club.

That first Grand Prix was held at the airfield circuit before the current circuit became the permanent home of the club in 1983. With such an historic date coming up the club is hoping that drivers that have been involved with the sport from then or even earlier might be able to come along and pass on some of their stories of racing in those days.

Back then, gearbox classes were also a main stay in the sport and with the 250cc Superkarts now holding absolute lap records at many circuits then they too will be a big feature at the Muriel Holder supported Gran Prix. The 100cc classes were also hugely popular and the club also wants to hear from those early winners also as some have since moved on to bigger things in Motorsport.

The 30th GP will also have separate awards for the best turned out machines and with other family activities also available there will be plenty of activity for everyone attending with a special limited edition souvenir programme being printed to record the occasion.

Last Saturday’s Ulster Karting Club championship round saw plenty of challenges to some of the top names to send out a message that this particular Grand Prix will be a hot bed of activity.

In the case of some of the locals in the Cadets and Mini Max classes, they were in final preparation also for a British championship round at the circuit this incoming Saturday and Sunday.

The circuit management has also secured an opportunity for guest class racing this incoming weekend so drivers interested in taking part should contact the circuit directly.

Details on how to contact the club can be obtained at or