Defeats for U10s

Rathfriland U10s .......0

Lisdrum 2

RATHFRILAND U10s took on Lisdrum on Saturday morning in the Carnbane League.

This was an extremely comptetive game with all the action taking place in the midfield area.

Rathfriland battled well and were very strong in defence though were lacking a creative element up front.

Lisdrum to their credit were also up for the battle and eventually won the game with two goals late on but Rathfriland did themselves proud with a good performance.

Rathfriland U10s...............0

Windmill Stars..................1

in their second game of the day Rathfriland continued to work hard against a team who are going for the league.

Windmill Stars are a very strong outfit but with Joel Henning in the centre of defence and Jonathon Cartmill in nets for Rathfriland this was never going to be easy for Windmill. Rathfriland gave as good as they got and their commitment was fantastic.

Windmill were on the offensive continually but Rathfriland were well diciplined and held out until the last five minutes when Windmill broke through to score.

Rathfriland didn’t let their heads go down and again pushed on to get an equaliser but they never got what they richly deserved and finished up with a 1-0 defeat. Even though they suffered two defeats on the day to strong opposition all Rathfriland players can take great pride in their performances.