Can Maze cause semi-final upset?

LOWER Maze reached the semi-finals of the Lisburn Under-15 Cup with a surprise win over Lisburn Distillery Youth and they will need another upset to reach the final when they clash with Glentoran Youth in the semi-final on Wednesday, April 17.

Friday, 29th March 2013, 8:00 am

In other semi-finals involvng local clubs, Hillsborough under-12 play Ballymena and their 14s meet Ridgeway.

Distillery face Greenisland under-13, Portadown under-16 and Linfield at under-17 level.

The full semi-final draw on Wednesday, April 17.

Under-11: Ridgeway v Carniny, Glentoran v Loughgall.

U12: Shankill v Cookstown, Ballymena v Hillsborough.

U13:Lisburn Distillery v Greenisland, Windmill v Oxford Sunnyside.

U14: Hillsborough v Ridgeway, Shankill v Lurgan.

U15: Shankill v Bloomfield, Glentoran v Lower Maze.

U16: Lisburn Distillery v Portadown, Newry v Glentoran.

U17: Lisburn Distillery v Linfield, Willowbank v Ballymena.

RESULTS: Only two matches survived the heavy snow last week.

U14: Banbridge 0-6 Ox Sunnyside.

U15: Banbridge 0-6 Ox Sunnyside.

FIXTURES: U14: Ridgeway v Ox Sunnyside.

U15: Ox Sunnyside v Lower Maze, Glentoran v Loughgall.

U16: Glentoran v Glen Star.