Banbridge up against it at Shandon Park

BANBRIDGE were up against Shandon Park in the quarter final of the Ulster Fourball.

The first leg was played away last Sunday and team captain, Merton McDowell, was hoping to win maybe two of the five games. But he also knew that it would not be easy. And so it proved.

Philip Strong and Robert Haire lost 3 and 2; Dominic Quinn and James Bryson won 5 and 3; Will Dickson and Gerry Blevins lost one hole down; Kieran Meade and Robert Clydesdale lost 4 and 3; Billy Clarke and John Poots lost 2 and 1.

So Shandon Park lead 4-1 with the second leg still to come. Banbridge are well capable of winning at home but can they get four and a half points? It’s a big ask but stranger things have happened. Don’t give up hope just yet.

And a little support would be welcome. You see how important it is for the GB team in the Olympics. It could work for Merton’s team too.