Five points for Ladies

ON Thursday July 26, on a beautiful sunny day, Banbridge were at home to Ward Park.

This was a closely contested and most enjoyable match which ended in an overall win for Banbridge and five league points.

Rink results were as follows:

Rink 1: H. Shepherd, R. McGivern, C. McDermott, M. Campbell - 15–18

Rink 2: L. Byrne, L. Frost, E. Whyte, H. Steenson - 22-13

Rink 3: A. Donald, M. Ewart, V. Newell, R. McAdam - 24–13

Rink 4: I. Hozack, H. Wilkinson, H. Beresford, M. Adams - 15–20

On August 2 Banbridge will travel to Holywood for the next league match.

The semi-finals of the NIWBA Championships will be held at Wingrave Bowling Club on 31st July and 1st August.

On 31st July at 2pm the Banbridge Triple, made up of Agnes Donald, Edith Whyte and Cassie McDermott will play against a Dungannon Triple skipped by A. McEiver. The club wishes them good luck.