First round cup ties are played

THE first round ties of the Presidents cup were played this week and the results are as follows.

Magherally had a good win at St Joseph’s

St.Joseph’s 29-35 Magherally

Rink 1: J.Magennis,F.Watters,P.Rooney,S.Murphy 4-9 G.Beggs,W.Steenson,A.Ingram,K.McBride

Rink 2: A.O’Loughlin,R.Magennis,H.Dillon,L.Magennis 12-5 A.Anderson,H.Martin,H.Steenson,D.McAuley

Rink 3: K.Magennis,J.Morris,Ron.Magennis,C.Dillon 8-10 M.Adair,I.McBride,K.Smith,L.Martin

Rink 4: R.Sterritt,C.Rooney,P.Linden,B.Murphy 5-11 I.Montgomery,N.Craig,S.Scott,J.Martin

Scarva St battled hard against Holm Park

Scarva St 29-37 Holm Park

Rink 1: E.Gibson,E.Dickson,D.Nelson,W.Kinnin 16-6 G.McDowell,A.Copeland,K.Aiken,S.G.Malcolmson

Rink 2: E.Smyth,F.Hillen,M.Ewart,D.Watt 2-15 A.McGarrity,M.Dawson,M.Gamble,G.Dawson

Rink 3: H.Shepherd,A.Stevenson,J.Dickson,L.Rea 6-9 C.Ogle,L.Aiken,D.McCandless,C.Sherwin

Rink 4: M.Campbell,S.Livingston,H.Shannon,B.Livingston 5-7 A.Sudlow,T.Sudlow,T.Wilson,J.McKenny

Annaclone had St.Patrick’s as visitors

Annaclone 25-51 St.Patrick’s

Rink 1: H.McAvoy,V.Mullholland,M.McAvoy,J.McConville 1-14 R.Faulkner,L.Purnell,I.Cousins,T.Martin

Rink 2: A.McAvoy,P.J.McClorey,P.Pyres,M.Wallace 9-15 P.Hayes,J.McClatchey,D.Gilliland,G.Gilliland

Rink 3: B.Mullholland,M.O’Neill,P.McKernan,J.Higgins 6-11 J.Topping,W.McCullough,K.Purnell,D.Carson

Rink 4: J.McNeill,D.McArdle,T.McGivern,N.Kerr 9-11 I.Dickson,B.Serplus,A.Johnston,A.R.Johnston

A..S.Tullylish were to strong for Ballydougan.

Ballydougan 19-69 A.S.Tullylish

Rink 1: M.Milligan,H.Massey,S.Whyte,N.Whyte 9-16 A.Burrell,V.Leckey,A.Cannaway,J.Wilson

Rink 2: G.Wilson,M.Leckey,L.Milligan,R.Herron 2-21 R.Bolton,H.Hylands,J.Gray,D.J.Wilson

Rink 3: C.Halliday,R.Bingham,Robt.Cassells,D.Malcolmson 3-17 G.McCracken,D.Graham,D.Bowman,E.Campbell

Rink 4: E.Wilson,N.Johnston,M.Milligan,C.Fearon 5-15 J.Black,T.Gray,S.Black,R.Martin

The following players have been chosen to play for the West Down Zone against Northern Zone on Saturday October 27 in Dromore Cathedral Hall.

The game will start at 2pm and players are requested to report to the Zone convenor at 1.30 p.m. If unable to play contact him as soon as possible.

The players would appreciate a good turnout of spectators to support them.

L.Graham, L.Murray.(Dromore N.S) S.McBride, K.McBride (Annaclone Pres) P.Moore, G.Chambers (St.Colman’s) R.Scott,D.Scott,D.Shanks (Garvaghy Pres) C.Dillon (St.Joseph’s) D.Gilliland, A.Johnston, AR Johnston (St.Patrick’s) R.Kidd (Scarva Pres) D.Graham, D.Bowman, E.Campbell, T.Gray, J.Wilson, J.Gray, D.J.Wilson (A.S.Tullylish) J.Martin (Magherally) C.Sherwin (Holm Park) D.Malcolmson (Ballydougan) Subs: A.Ingram, I.McBride (Annaclone Pres) S.Murphy, L.Magennis (St.Joseph’s) G.Gilliland (St.Patrick’s) S.Scott (Garvaghy)

NATIONAL, LADIES and JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS SCHEDULE: Monday November 26 - National Triples, Ladies Singles; Tuesday November 27 - National Pairs, Ladies Triples; Wednesday November 28 - National Singles; Thursday November 29 - National Fours, Ladies Pairs; Friday November 30 - Play-offs, Junior singles.

All sections to be played at Gilford Community Centre, entries close on October 27.

Finals - Friday January 18 2013 in Dromore Cathedral Hall

The draw for the Down Shoes Cup was made this week and it is as follows: St.Joseph’s v St.Patrick’s; Magherally v Ballyvarley; Pavilion v Holm Park; Scarva St v Ballydougan; AS Tullylish v St.John’s; 2nd Dromara v Down Shoes. St Colman’s and Annaclone receive a bye. The first round is to be played week the commencing November 19.

It was a case of so near but yet so far for the West Down bowlers at the Champion of Champions competion staged at Shaws Bridge last Saturday.

In the singles D.J.Wilson having disposed of new international Mark Beattie at the quarter final stage lost a thrilling semi-final to eventual runner up P.J.Crossan by eight shots to seven. In the triples All.Saints trio of Stanley and Jean Black and David Graham won three games before losing to a very strong Northwest triple in the semi-final.The All.Saints paring of Jonny Wilson and Andrew Leckey battled their way to five victories before falling at the semi-final stage. Hopefully some of these bowlers will take the final step to glory next season.