First Division pool results

CUP RESULTS PRELIMINARY ROUND - Angler’s 6 O’Reilly’s 3: Noel Tumilty and Marty McParland got the home side off to the perfect start with impressive wins over O’Reilly’s star players Ruby and Ruari McGrath.

The next three frames would be crucial for O’Reillys to keep themselves in the game, Ross Curran then Marty Sheppard both earned well deserved victories but Bj McAnarney made sure the Anglers sustained their slender lead.

O’Reillys would have been hoping to take match to the wire and then being able to rely on their star men making up for singles defeats. Unfortunately for them, Mark Cosgrove and Mick Doyle had already done the damage for the home side making it 5-2.

The Anglers go on to face the Bridge in the next round!

Railway v Imperial: Imperial could not get a team together and the Railway progress to the next round.

Market B 8 First & Last 1: The less said about this result for the F&L the better!

Brian McCourt was theonly winner in a dismal performance by Scarva Street side.

M Finnegan, W Russell, M McCormick, G Graham, P McStraw and A Barr All won their singles matches to leave the score 6-1 before the doubles. A deflated first and last side lost both doubles matches to cap off their worst result of the season.

Gilford Inn 4 Mulholland’s B 5: To begin with this match looked like it could go either way with S Wilson putting the away side 1-0 up.

L McCluskey and D McCavanna gave the home side some hope by making it 2-1.

However Mullholland’s made their mark on the game, winning the remaining four singles matches to claim victory through M & R Jardine, then S Holland junior and senior.

The home side won two consolation frames to make the result look more respectable.

WEEK 11 RESULTS: Anglers 7 Gilford Inn 1 - The Anglers are starting to stamp their mark on the league and this 7-1 victory has showed that they intend on challenging the leaders right to the death.

Bus Bar 5 First and Last 3 - The Bus Bar just keep getting better and better. This win over a resurgent F&L team kept their impressive run of form going after their well deserved Christmas break.

Week 12 results: Gilford 1 Bus Bar 7 - Bad news overshadowed the build up to this match when once again the Captain’s elder brother (who some say is more no-hope than Bob Hope) didn’t show up.

Nonetheless, Tam Barneys relentless form continued, but not until after an early scare when the home side went 1-0 up!

The away team proceeded to steamroll the next five games through the formidable duo of N McMorrin and J Lyttle, then P McClean and A McCartan claimed them up point before the captain stepped up to claim the match with two frames to spare.

Market B 4 Railway 4 - The opening frame threw up quite a surprise as Adam McCahon had a second “W” beside his name within the week, Although the previous one was because his appointment never showed up.

Damien Paxton got back to winning ways to put the away side 2-0.

But P McStraw inflicted defeat on S Finnegan for the first time this year to pull the market back into contention.

D Murphy hasn’t disappointed his elder brother and captain yet this season and he earned a well deserved 3-1 lead for the Railway at the halfway point.

The Market would have to dig their heels in if they wanted a result and G Graham, A Barr and their doubles pairing of G Graham and D Russell would guarantee them a satisfactory result by winning three out of the last four frames.

However, the superstar pairing of Damian Paxton and Joe McGgivern had already guaranteed the Railway a point in seventh frame.

Bridge B 4 Imperial 4 - When Mark Rice loses the opening frame you know it’s not going to be a good night. I McCreanor dominated the home teams star main man to earn a slender lead.

J Woods, S McKay, R Connell, R Hunter won the following 4 frames in an impressive winning streak for the Bridge.

Their recent form would suggest that they would go on and win but the Imperial had other ideas!

J Ferris made it 4-2 Before the doubles and Ricers night just got worse as he lost for the second time in an evening.

With the McKay father and son combination to come to home side where probably slight favourites but the underdog prevailed again to earn the away side an impressive point!

First & Last 3 Mullholland’s 5 - Having got off to a perfect start through B Lyness and “Taepot” The F&L looked like causing an upset.

However S Wilson, M Jardine, M McCormick and S Hamilton reeled in for frames in our row to secure a point.

B Lyness and B McCourt at least give the first and last sweat at earning a point by winning the seventh frame, but The father and son duo of S and S Holland won the last to pull off a fantastic comeback.

League Table Week 12:

Bus Bar 12 19

Market B 12 16

Anglers Rest 11 15

Railway Inn 12 14

Mulholland’s B 12 13

Bridge Bar B 12 11

First&Last 12 10

Imperial 11 7

O’Reillys 10 6

Gilford Inn 12 5

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