First defeat of season for Seniors away to Newcastle

In their league game away to Newcastle on Tuesday evening of last week a hot-shot a count of eight on one end scored by the rink skipped by J McKenny did not save the seniors going down to their first league defeat.

Rink 1 J Elliott D Burns D McCandless SG Malcomson

Rink 2 G Dawson Andrew Johnston R Greer G Clinghan

Rink 3 R Bolton R Malcomson A Johnston J McKenny

Rink 4 W Paylor D Graham F Cranney D Shanks

The seniors had a two shot lead by end five with Shanks keeping a clean sheet and had scored nine Clinghan had a three shot advantage SG after a bad start was six down and McKenny was four in arrears.

The seniors had made progress to lead by ten at the halfway stage Shanks had a lead of six Clinghan ahead by four McKenny with his count of eight on ninth end had a comfortable nine shot lead SG not making much headway to be down by nine.

When three quarters was reached the seniors were still looking good at eleven in front Shanks had moved on to nine ahead Clinghan a six shot advantage McKenny five to the good while SG was still in arrears of nine.

The home team surprised the seniors in the run in to score a two shot victory it was a good night for Shanks with a victory of five to McKenny four ahead Clinghan got a surprise and finished level and SG slipped to a eleven shot defeat at the finish.

Dromore senior team had to pull out all the stops to overcome Dungannon on Saturday last at Holm Park getting a victory of four shots and six league points.

Rink 1 J Elliott K Aiken D McCandless J McKenny

Rink 2 G Dawson Andrew Johnston A Johnston G Clinghan

Rink 3 A Matthews T Wilson D Burns SG Malcomson. Rink 4 W Paylor D Graham F Cranney D Shanks

In a high scoring first five ends Dungannon had surprised the seniors to lead by thirteen McKenny down six Clinghan two ahead SG trailing six and Shanks by three.

Dungannon were still holding on at ten theend mark by eleven ahead McKenny a single down Clinghan three ahead SG ten down and Shanks still three behind.

At three quarter mark Dungannon were still looking good leading by eight McKenny five in front Clinghan seven to the good SG in deep trouble at fifteen down and Shanks still in the red by five.

In a tense final ends Dromore just got in front by four McKenny nine ahead Clinghan had a big finish twelve to the good and a good run in by Shanks saw him get his point in a two shot victory while SG was nineteen in the red.

Next Saturday the seniors are away to Larne to play Curran and Tuesday of next week the juniors are at home to Divis at 6.30

A good last end in their league game against Curran last Tuesday evening saw Dromore juniors get past the winning post by one shot and five points.

Rink 1 C Davis J Topping K Aiken S Malcomson

Rink 2 J McCullough WJ Morgan T Gribben A Sudlow

Rink 3 J Black A Matthews T Wilson I Houston

Rink 4E Walker S Dugan G McDowell T Sudlow

At five ends the juniors had an advantage of five shots Malcomson scoring well to be six ahead A Sudlow was two up and T Sudlow ahead by one with Houston all square.

At the halfway mark the visitors had surprised the home team by taking a seven shot lead Malcomson was now three ahead A Sudlow was in the red by six T Sudlow down a single Houston four down.

An exciting finish looked on the cards when the score board showed both teams level at three quarter stage Malcomson still in front by two A Sudlow in the red by seven T Sudlow a two shot advantage Houston now in front by three.

In the final six ends the game was looking like it was slipping away from the juniors and by end twenty the visitors had a lead of four but a good last end were the juniors scored three doubles and conceded one single got them home by one. Malcomson had a good finish to win by eight Houston by a single A&T Sudlow both down by four.

A pointless journey for Dromore juniors in their league game away to Lagan Valley on Saturday defeated by twenty six shots.

Rink 1 J McCullough S Harrison T Gribben A Sudlow

Rink 2 E Walker S Dugan G McDowell T Sudlow

Rink 3 C Davis J Topping H Maxwell S Malcomson

Rink 4 J Black R Bolton R Malcomson I Houston

The first quarter was closely fought with the juniors down by five A Sudlow had a four shot advantage T Sudlow down three Malcomson five in the red with Houston three in arrears

In the next quarter the juniors were still making little impression to trail by eleven A Sudlow ahead by three T Sudlow down eight Malcomson and Houston both trailing by three.

In the next five ends the juniors were now twelve in arrears A Sudlow six ahead T Sudlow in trouble at fourteen behind Malcomson three down with Houston behind by one.

In the run in the juniors did not give the hosts any trouble to take the full seven points A Sudlow down two T Sudlow still fourteen down Malcomson six in arrears and Houston defeated by four.