Equestrian centre holds showjumping events

Mossvale Equestrian Centre has held a number of Show Jumping events recently.

Sunday, 9th November 2014, 3:07 pm
Three tubes and a smartie winning team of Botanica Adult league.

Results of the Pony Jumping held on Friday October 17 were as follows:

Cross Poles - 1st= Meg, Todd Bryson drew the trophy; Shirez, Catherine Cowan; Misty, Adam Adair; Special; Mr Wow, Sarah Cowan.

40cm 1st= Pip, Sarah Craig; Shirez, Anna Cowan; Joe, Kaitlyn Kearns; Taz, Laura McClelland; special; Meg, Todd Bryson.

Friday night cup winners Sarah Craig, Catherine McClelland and Lara McComb.

60cm 1st Taz, Catherine McClelland won the trophy.

80cm 1st Maurey, Poppy Moore.

Results of Pony jumping held on Friday October 24:

Cross Poles - 1st= Dandy, Mai McMullan drew the trophy; Elmo, Daniel O’Sullivan; Joe, Oisin Knox; Specials; Inky Dinky, Zara Smyth; Pugsy, Deliah Dillon; Jodie, Kaitlyn Kearns.

Elizabeth Irvine winner of Apollo blind cup, 2nd Jonathan Reain.

40cm 1st= Meg, Todd Bryson drew the trophy; Juno, Amy Dougan; Inky Dinky, Zara Smyth; Taz, Laura McClelland; specials; Pip, Sarah Craig; Bubbles, James Agnew; Joe, Kaitlyn Kearns; Benji, Aaron Dougan; Dandy, Mai McMullan.

50cm 1st=Barney, Bailey Parker drew the trophy; Juno, Amy Dougan; Lynch, Lewis Orr; Toby, Robert Russell; Casper, Robert Russell; Meg, Todd Bryson.

60cm 1st= Casper, Robert Russell drew the trophy; Humbug, Hannah Orr; Bobby, Lara McComb; Taz, Catherine McClelland.

Results of the first round of the Baileys Inter schools league.

Dromore and spa winning team of Baileys Inter schools league.

Team results:

1st Dromore & Spa

Toffee, Ryan Boville; Flash, Megan Nelson; Toffee, Victoria Boville; Mexican Flash, Victoria Boville.

2nd Kilkeel High Flyers

Friday night trophy winners.

Dolly, Melissa McKee; Buster, Rachel McKee; Hazie, Charley Hanna; , Sam Speers.

3rd Down High Flyers

Beauty, Jessica Nelson; Beauty, Aoife Hamilton Quinn; Peppermint, Anna Hogg; Molly, Sophie Price.

4th Dromore High Flyers

Nano, Emma Lutton; Jen, Sarah Topley; Harry, Zoe Gilliland; Bracken, Hannah Kileff.

Individual results:

1st Charley Hanna - Hazie

2nd Charley Hanna - Trigger

3rd Victoria Boville - Toffee

4th Aoife Hamilton Quinn - Beauty

5th Megan Nelson - Flash

6th Rachel McKee - Buster

Results of Horse and Pony jumping held on Monday 27th

70cm 1st The Cosmic, Elizabeth Irvine won the Apollo Blind Cup; 2nd Willow, Jonathan Reain; double clear; Macey, Joanne Martin.

1m 1st Dan, Caroline Black.

Results of Pony jumping held on Friday October 31:

Cross Poles - Special; Pip, Sarah Craig.

40cm 1st Taz, Laura McClelland won the Magpie Cup; 2nd Pip, Sarah Craig; 3rd Meg, Todd Bryson.

50cm 1st Pip, Sarah Craig won the Bounty Cup; also double clear; Meg, Todd Bryson.

60cm 1st Bobby, Lara McComb won the Dandy Cup; 2nd Taz, Catherine McClelland.

70cm 1st Bobby, Lara McComb won the Mossvale Cup

Results for the second round of the Botanica Adult league:

Team Results:

1st Three tubes and a Smartie

Sempers Belle, Alex Russell; Ben Ross, Claire Martin; P.T., Beverly Smith; Darragh’s Bounty, Melissa McBurney.

2nd The Mavericks

Lucy Lou, Joanne Martin; Haze, Lynne Spence; Bridge Rock, Jon Joe McCrickard; Tiny, Eugene Milligan.

3rd Nameless and Clueless

Annies Treasure, Julie Simpson; Thumper, Andrea Fitchie; Calin King, Sharon Cowan; Dont Tell Rosie, Christopher McCarten.

4th The A Team

Olly, Darren Rodgers; Big Mama, Rebekah Houston; Woodie, Rebekah Houston; Big Mama, Jonathan Kelly.

5th Golden Girls

Betsy, Joanna McNamee; Guinness, Jenny Beggs; Mags, Jenny Beggs.

6th Mossvales Troublesome Foursome

Robbie, Sonia Walker; Soda, Jasmine Kirk; Chocolate Chip, Sabrina McAnulty; Dan, Zak Hanna.

Individual results:

1st Melissa McBurney - Darraghs Bounty

2nd Rachel Baird - Grey Sapphire

3rd Claire Martin - Ben Ross

4th Carol Lamberton - Shadrak

5th Joanne Martin - Lucy lou

6th Rebekah Houston - Big Mama.

What’s On

Friday 7th Pony jumping at 7pm

Monday 10th Horse and Pony jumping at 7pm

Friday 14th Pony jumping at 7pm

Saturday 15th first round of Horseware Junior league @ 3pm

Monday 17th Horse and Pony jumping at 7pm

Friday 21st Pony jumping at 7pm

Saturday 22nd second round of Baileys Inter schools league at 3pm.