Easy victory for Dromore Juniors

DROMORE Juniors had an easy victory in their home game against Lagan Valley taking the full seven points in a 60 shot margin.

Rink 1: N Lindsay, R Elliott, H Maxwell, SG Malcomson.

Rink 2: K Poots, T Sudlow, S Harrison, T Wilson.

Rink 3: T Ogle, G Beggs, S Dugan, A Sudlow.

Rink 4: M McDowell, C Davis, A Clinghan, S Malcomson.

In the first half of the game Dromore had made a commanding start to lead by 24. SG had made a great start to be 12 ahead, T Wilson with the aid of two threes in the first two ends had a lead of three, A Sudlow was four to the good and S Malcomson, having lost the first four ends, was now five ahead.

In the next five ends Dromore had now to ahead to be 45 ahead. SG was 15 up, Wilson had a lead of 10, Sudlow was seven to the good with Malcomson ahead by 13.

In the final six ends Dromore had no trouble getting victory by 60 shots. SG had an 18 shot win; Wilson, having only lost one end in the last 14 ends, was ahead by 17, Sudlow had to fight hard to gain a two shot victory while Malcomson had a good afternoon to finish 23 ahead at the end.

This Saturday the Juniors have no game owing to the Irish Cup and will play Divis away on Tuesday at 6.30pm.

Last Saturday Dromore Seniors were away to Whitehead and only managed one point. Rink scores were:

Rink 1: W Paylor, H Hylands, R Malcomson, D Shanks - down 22-11.

Rink 2: G Dawson, N Shaw, A Johnston, G Clinghan - down 30–12.

Rink 3: D Graham, J Topping, K Aiken, W Clinghan - won 21–24.

Rink 4: R Bolton, G McDowell, A Matthews, R Greer - down 28 -14

This Saturday the seniors are at home to Divis.