Dunbarton Juniors win away to Old Bleach

JOHNNY Gray, Kenny Kelly, Noel Wilson, James Kelly - This was a great performance by this rink.

After seven ends they were up 7-13. They kept piling on the pressure and after 14 ends they had pushed on to lead 12-21. Over the remaining ends they added another nine shots to finish 17-30 up.

F.Doyle, A Magennis, M McInerney, Robbie Gough - This rink had a great tussle with there opponents. After seven ends they were up 7-10 but over the next seven ends the Old Bleach men found there length and turned things round to lead 18-13. On the 20th end Robbie’s rink picked themselves up and lifted a five to draw level. The home skip drew their shot on the 21st. A great fighting spirit by this rink.

G.Magennis, N.Cunningham, D.Dennison, G.McElroy - This rink was nip and tuck all night, After seven ends the Dunbarton four were down 6-5. After 14 ends it was 12-9 and after 20 ends the the score was 16-14, It was great bowls by the back end which resulted in a lift of two shots and to be beaten in a measure for three, 16-16.

T.Gray, R,McElroy, P,Adamson, Clifford Dennison - After seven ends this quartet were in arrears of 5-7. They turned things round with some great bowling and after 14 ends they had got in front by 12-18. Clifford’s leads were playing really well and they pushed further ahead, finishing 17-25 up.

It earned the Juniors a great away win and adding 5.5 points to their tally.