Dromore Seconds have an ‘Ard’ day at the office

Dromore Ladies Seconds 1-3 Ards Ladies Seconds

Dromore Ladies Hockey Club welcomed Ards Ladies Seconds to Ferris Park on Saturday following an unbeaten start to the season.

Full of confidence and in great spirits Dromore were brimming with confidence and enthusiasm hoping for yet another three points to add to their unbeaten title. This was unfortunately not to be resulting in a disappointed Dromore side.

The locals struggled to settle during the first half of the match and were subject to a number of dangerous attacks by a very strong and forceful Ards team. As play continued Dromore fought amorously to defend their circle from each attack and as they eventually settled into their stride some great passing combinations and skills between the midfield and forwards created a few opportune chances to score, unfortunately as the half time whistle blew the scored remained 0-0.

However, Dromore hopes where crushed as Ards were once again on top form in the second half of this game. The pressure was on but the Dromore team experienced considerable pressure from a powerful attacking Ards team.

Dromore’s defense struggled to clear their lines with Keeper Alice Winson pulling off a number of close saves to keep tiring Dromore side in the game. Unfortunately a series of penalty corners eventually rewarded Ards with their first goal.

Ards continued to advance with great strength and power which eventually lead to Dromore losing pace and momentum which resulted in their second goal.

A strong defensive display by Dromore prevented Ards attacking forwards from creating another scoring opportunity and it was with much grit and determination

Dromore where eventually presented with the perfect scoring opportunity when a long ball through the Ards lines of attack created the space for Catherine Pepper to concede Dromore’s first goal of the match.

With very little time remaining in the second half Dromore found their confidence once again and fought hard but were unsuccessful in their efforts and Ards were able to use their skill and speed to finish the game with three goals scored.