Dromore Juniors head to Armagh

ON Saturday morning Dromore Juniors headed to Armagh to put their hockey skills into practice in the match situation.

The early start began with debate as the very crisp,cold autumn morning had provided a frozen pitch at Ferris Park but the Armagh pitch was warmed quickly by the bright sunshine and was ready for the arrival of over 50 juniors and supportive parents who had made the journey down and of course stayed to cheer them on.

The P3 girls were full of enthusiasm and relished the chance to play against another team. It was great to see them putting their defence and attack skills into practice.

P4 looked quite the experts as they build on their experience.

P5 worked well and it was a joy to skills level develop through the age groups.

P6 had a very big turnout and played against Armagh P6 and 7. New members put in a strong performance and P6 Tara kelly scored her first goal playing for the club.

P7 played with determination, maturity and enthusiasm .

The trip was very successful and great for match experience for the girls.

It was all made possible by junior co-ordinator Andrea Wilson who continues to develop the Junior section of the club with her strong team of coaches and umpires.

Dromore parents as always were superb in getting all the players there for an early, cold start on a half-term Saturday morning and ensuring they were all well wrapped up.

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