Dromore girls steal the show as Juniors and Men slip up

Dromore Ladies

Dromore Ladies made the difficult trip to Larne last week to play Curran Ladies, the unbeaten League leaders.

Although quietly confident the Dromore team knew they faced skilful and competitive opponents.

The game was played in very testing conditions with continuous rain making the playing surface slow which unsettled Dromore.

They quickly fell behind on Rink 2 but persevered to the end to finish just two shots down.

Meanwhile, Rink 1 played a good steady game finishing three shots ahead.

A nail biting finish saw Dromore gain a one shot victory and four points. It was a very happy Dromore team who made the long journey home.

Rink 1: I Hamilton, E Dickson, M Dawson, L Aiken. Won 18 - 15

Rink 2: B Lindsay, M Ward, J Malcolmson, C Ogle. Lost 14 - 16

This week Dromore have Wedderburn as visitors to Holm Park.

Dromore Juniors

In their Cup game against Falls last Saturday, Dromore Juniors played an up and down game.

After the first ten ends were played, the visitors had taken the lead by 34 shots but the the plucky Juniors came back in the second half to reduce the margin to just seven.

Rink 1 M McDowell WJ Morgan S Harrison S Malcomson

Rink 2 T Ogle J Cunningham C Lindsay R Malcomson

Rink 3 J Black C Davis H Maxwell T Sudlow

Rink 4 K Poots G Gilliland T Wilson A Sudlow

Rink scores at ten ends were S Malcomson 8 /12 R Malcomson 4/11 T Sudlow 4/16 A Sudlow 5/16.

In the next quarter, the Juniors had a better run with the overall score reading 23 down.

S Malcomson 2 down R Malcomson 3 Down T Sudlow 12 down A Sudlow down by six

In the final six ends, the Juniors fought back but finished trailing by seven.

S Malcomson finished all square, R Malcomson had a good spell keeping his opponent from scoring from the thirteen end to be five up, T Sudlow finished 10 down and A Sudlow two down.

Dromore Seniors

It was a heartbreaking week for Dromore Seniors, beaten in two Cup ties by a single shot by Portadown in the NIBA Cup and Kilrea in the IBA Cup.

Tonight (Tuesday), the A team will play Newtownabbey and Saturday Londonerry Park. The B team tonight play Warrenpoint and Saturday Portadown, both games at home.