Down Shoes and Ballydougan semi-final line-ups sealed

It was a good week for Dromore N.S and St. Colman’s as they booked their place in the Down Shoes Cup semi-final draw and St. Joseph’s sealed their place in the last four of the Ballydougan Cup.

Dromore N.S were comfortable winners at home to Ballyvarley

Dromore N.S 38

Ballyvarley 20

Rink:1 R.Gupta,L.Giles,M.ward,E.Marsden 12 v L.Byrne,D.Lennon,C.McDermott,G.McGrath 6

Rink:2 J.Malcolmson,R.Giles,D.Pedan,M.Beattie 7 v M.Burns,G.McAvoy,G.O’Neill,K.O’Neill 7

Rink:3 R.Harrison,J.Hughes,J.McInnes,L.Grahan 8 v J.Lennon,J.McAvoy,A.Donald,S.McGivern 4

Rink:4 W.Beattie,N.Lindsay,R.McCandless,T.Gribben 11 v V.Stewart,J.Stewart,P.J.Johnston,M.McGrath 3

Annaclone lost out at home to a rampant St. Colman’s side

Annaclone 27

St.Colman’s 44

Rink:1 D.McArdle,P.Pyres,M.Wallace 8 v H.Funes,B.Wilson,G.Feeney,G.Chambers 5

Rink:2 H.McAvoy,P.J.McClorey,C.McAvoy,N.Kerr 8 v C.Owens,J.Owens,C.Wilson,P.Convery 17

Rink:3 A.Pyres,M.O’Neill,B.Mullholland,J.Higgins 8 v E.Gorman,E.Byrne,G.Crothers,C.McCartan 8

Rink:4 V.Mullholland,M.Haughey,M.McAvoy,J.McConville 3 v F.O’Dowd,L.McAvoy,M.Wilson,P.Tumilty 14

Ballydougan had a close game but were ultimately beaten by St. Joseph’s

Ballydougan 38

St.Joseph’s 43

Rink:1 S.Whyte,N.Johnston,L.Milligan,M.Milligan 8 v P.Linden,K.Magennis,R.Kidd,C.Dillon 12

Rink:2 M.Milligan,N.Whyte,M.Cassells,Rob.Cassells 2 v O.Magennis,Rog.Magennis,F.Murphy,B.Murphy 13

Rink:3 G.Wilson,H.Massey,R.Cassells,C.Fearon 14 v J.Magennis,C.Rooney,Ron.Magennis,S.Murphy 10

Rink:4 E.Wilson,M.Leckey,T.Devlin,D.Malcolmson 14 v J.Morris,P.Rooney,H.Dillon,L.Magennis 8