Double delight for Dan with two Monday victories

Horse and Pony jumping held on Monday 31 March

80cm 1st Tad, Dan McComb won the Frigid Melody Cup; 2nd Misty, Paul Reain; 3rd Ice, Ethan Smith; 4th Keeford, Dee Barrett Davies; 5th Georgie, Nathan Greene; 6th Hilltop Clover, Martin McCabe.

90cm 1st Tad, Dan McComb won the Laurel House Cup; 2nd Tiny, Eugene Milligan; 3rd Dee, Nathan Greene; 4th Keeford, Dee Barrett Davies; 5th Splash and Dash, Paul Reain; 6th Ice, Ethan Smith.

Pony jumping held on Friday 4 April

Cross poles

1st= Rusty, Chloe Agnew drew the trophy; Dandy, Caitlyn Patterson; Ro Ro, Zara McConnell; Rocket, Chloe Agnew.

40cm 1st= Merlin, Emma Burns drew the trophy; Toby, Robert Russell; Special; Barney Bubbles, David Gibson.

50cm 1st= Barney Bubbles, David Gibson drew the trophy; Merlin, Emma Burns; Toby, Robert Russell; Teddy, Chloe McMullan.

60cm 1st= Teddy, Chloe McMullan drew the trophy; Twinkle, Annie Gibson.

70cm 1st= Twinkle, Annie Gibson drew the trophy; Teddy, Chloe McMullan.

Whats On

Friday 11th Pony jumping @ 7pm

Sunday 13th £1000+ Horse and Pony jumping @ Balmoral Park 9.30am start

Monday 14th Horse and Pony jumping @ 7pm

Friday 18th Pony jumping @ 7pm

Monday 21st Horse and Pony jumping @ 7pm