Disaster for Bann A in NIBA Cup tie

BANN A travelled to Bangor in the quarter final of the NIBA Senior Cup.

In a one sided game Banbridge were the whipping boys - not since the 1940s and 50s have the locals been so well beating.

It was so bad that one rink quit after 18 ends while the other didn’t play the final end. Another managed to score ten shots off the last 10 ends but still managed to finish up 10 shots behind.

Banbridge actually led after the first end by a shot, but it was all downhill from there. Failing to score on the next ends, they trailed by five shots, scoring a three and then a two.

They failed to score on the fifth end and by that stage they trailed by 21 shots, 9-30.

The game was as good as over as a contest; one shot scored on the sixth, seventh and ninth end meant that the 10th end score read Bann 21 Bangor 53.

By not scoring on the 13th end and adding singles on the 14th and 15th end it meant that they were 50 shots behind after 60 ends.

They added another single to Bann’s eight shots, meaning the final score was 49-104 to Bangor. They now play Portadown in the final on July 6.

- Bann A had Divis as the visitors in a close finish with the locals winning by five shots/

This game showed the inconsistancy of the team, starting well, struggling midway through and doing just enough to obtail a favourable result.

RINK1: D Craig’s side began very, winning the first four ends to lead 7-0. By scoring two threes over the next six ends it meant Bann led by five shots after 10 ends. After 14 ends it was 15-15 but a two and a three meant Bann moved to 20-15. By only recording a single over the last five ends the Divis rink won the point 22-21.

RINK TWO: Brendan Davis’ rink of Dan Tumilty, Michael Bunting and Mervyn Jess were having a good tight games the whole way through. At five ends Bann led by six shots and only scored once in the next five ends they led 11-10. It was all square after 14 ends at 13-13. They only conceded two singles over the last seven ends and won by six shots, 21-15.

RINK THREE: Seamus Byrne, Mervyn Bingham, Dessie Hamilton and Dan Buchanan were involved in a hard match. At five ends Bann were behind by four shots and at 10 ends there was little change in the difference as they trailed 4-9. Only single shots were scored over the next five ends with Bann winning four of them just to be two behind after the 15th end. The last six ends were critical for Bann who obtained just a single but lost 11 to be beaten by 12 shots, 9-21.

RINK 4: Ian, Paul, Ian and Aaron were 4-4 after five ends. Bann lost a five and a three to be eight behind at the seventh 4-12. In a remarkable turnaround Bann completely dominated from that point until the last end, winning 26-14.

- Bann A played their near neighbours, Lurgan in the league in a rearranged game due to their opponents’ IBA Cup game.

The locals returned to winning form and secured six points in the progress. They were unlucky they didn’t claim all seven as the only losing rink was beaten by a solitary point.

Rink details:

RINK 1: P O’Keefe, J Feehan, N Hamilton, D Craig - won 19-17.

RINK 2: D Tumilty, M Bunting, M Jess, B Davis - won 23-19.

RINK 3: S Byrne, J McCordrick, D Hamilton, B Buchanan - won 20-17

RINK 4: I Wright, P Chambers, I Gallagher, A O’Keefe - lost 15-16.