Disappointment for the Ladies Seconds in cup

Banbridge Ladies Second XI played their first Cup game on Friday 23rd October.

Thursday, 29th October 2015, 5:47 pm
Sarah Anderson on the ball for Bann. INBL1543-257PB

The match showcased great hockey skills of both teams.

The first half of the game was tightly matched with both teams finding many opportunities to break through their oppositions defence.

All players gave 100%, so much so Banbridge and Grosvenor players were literally knocking heads.

Banbridge Ladies secured the first goal after Katie Uprichard made a lifted pass into the circle which found Sarah Anderson who then beat the keepr to give Banbridge the lead.

Not long after the first goal, Grosvenor saw their chance for goal and took full advantage. A quick and accurate strike made during Grosvenor’s short corner led to an even score going into the second half.

After a quick team discussion both teams headed back to take their positions, ready to start the second half.

As the whistle blew, both teams were straight on the ball.

Banbridge showed great play and put on a terrific show in defence with Louise Beckett making great saves in goal whilst Aileen Lawson and Jessica Hassan made great tackles to clear the ball away from the Banbridge defence.

Grosvenor were able to push through and secure a further two goals.

The first goal took the form of a deflection, as a ball was passed into the middle of the circle and finished off with a quick touch into the goal by a Grosvenor forward.

Grosvenor’s final goal was secured after they were awarded another short corner, again the strike was quick and accurate which led the ball to meet the backboard immediately.

Banbridge Ladies 2nd XI would like to express their gratitude to both umpires for taking the time to come down on their Friday night.

Banbridge Ladies would also like to thank their sponsor Gardencare for their continued support.