Derek lands top haul of 31

Better weather this weekend and therefore better catches to report.

Derek Vance landed a cracking 31 fish on mixed lures, Tommy Wharry of Ballynure was even catching two at a time when he landed 20 on cats whiskers and bloodworms.

John Roy landed 15 on green lures, Billy Hazlett landed 15 on various lures, Jim Simpson netted 12 on mixed lures and dawlbachs including 1@3+lb!

Jim Magill landed 14 on black and green mini lures, Brian Rob 12 on mixed lures, Robert Paul landed 14 and lost a lot on black and gold and black and silver lures, Peter Reid landed 13 on black and olive lures and Jack Bradin landed nine on black and orange lures and gold headed bloodworm.

Alan Temple netted eight on mixed lures, J McKay landed eight on lures and small buzzers including 1@4.8lb. John Hughes netted seven on bloodworms, Leslie Beggs landed seven on cats whiskers, Kirk Thornhill landed seven on bloodworm and damsels and Jamie Craine landed six on hares ear and black buzzers size 22 including a nice 1.10-2lb brown trout. Flys of the week - lures and bloodworms.