Club to name new ground

MONEYSLANE Football Club have invited the community to the grand official naming ceremony and plaque unveiling of their new home and anchor right in the heart of our village.

The ceremony will be conducted by Banbridge District Council Chairman Junior McCrum on Thursday May 9 will commence at 7pm.

A club spokesperson said, “We exist as an isolated rural community hub to promote social inclusion and integration, stimulate active citizenship, and enhance health and well being and to contribute to the self empowerment and regeneration of Moneyslane.

“The football club have a huge potential to lead in the regeneration of the village and put a new heart into the community and enhance community pride and sense of place.

“Our aim is entirely the community development of Moneyslane and surrounding areas, getting local people involved and encouraging them to keep involved in issues that affect their lives. Our hub will vastly enhance the experience of local people taking part in educational, recreational, sporting and social activities.

“This focal point and anchor will allow us to access a greater range of activities and programmes to enhance their personal development, education and health and well being. The hub enables the entire Moneyslane community an opportunity to have choices to make, in relation to these basic aspects of everyday life those living in urban areas take for granted. To succeed we as a community will continue to believe in this project with such a passion that our dreams become reality.

“Moneyslane FC is based on the tried-and-tested ethos of depending on everyone and having a place for everyone, of sharing our work and its benefits; and of putting in rather than taking out. The Hub is something that is in, of, and for the whole community. Moneyslane is where we come from, what we focus on, and what we’re wedded to.”